Development Review Process

On January 9, 2020, Manatee County Board of County Commissioners adopted the Administrative Procedures Manual via Resolution R-20-004 in order to maintain compliance with newly adopted House Bill 7103. This manual, in conjunction to Ordinance 20-06, defines both Completeness Review and Sufficiency Review. The manual walks applicants through the entire Development Review Procedure, from Pre-application, to final review of application and Board hearing (where applicable). 

Completeness and Sufficiency Review Timeline

Note that when the agent/applicant responds to staff comments, at any point within the record, they are required to upload a Version Resubmittal Form through Online Services. (To upload new documents, sign into your Online Services account, and click on My Records to open your application. Click on the Record Info dropdown, and open Attachments. Click the Add button in order to upload documents from your computer.) This indicates to the Case Manager assigned to your application that you are done uploading documents and are ready for rerouting.

Sufficiency Review

Sufficiency Review Timeline

Sufficiency Review timeline is governed by House Bill 7103 which limits the application process to 120 days for administrative applications or 180 days for public hearing applications.