Transportation Concurrency Exception Areas (TCEA)


Manatee County established Transportation Concurrency Exception Areas (TCEA) in February 2008. TCEAs are established to promote urban infill and redevelopment where opportunities for expansion or addition of new transportation corridors are limited.

The TCEAs are situated within the 14th Street West area and the South County area (see attached maps). The CRAs are geographic areas of Manatee County targeted for redevelopment and urban infill.

Specifically, TCEAs allow development/redevelopment projects within their boundaries to address their transportation impacts and mitigation through alternative means. This means alternative methods will be examined and considered instead of the typical roadway widening and automotive capacity enhancing improvement projects consistent with the following policies.

TCEA additional information handout

For more detailed information, please see Neighborhood Services Department webpage and Public Works Department's Transportation Systems Management webpage.


14th St West TCEA
South County TCEA

Future Traffic Circulation Map Series can be found under the "Thoroughfare Maps/Table" of the Comprehensive Plan.