Rider Responsibilities

We want your trip to be a pleasant experience. To ensure a safe, clean, and comfortable ride for our passengers, please follow these rules:

  • Wear appropriate clothing (shirt and shoes required)
  • Practice hygiene that reduces personal odors
  • Speak in quiet voices
  • Use headphones to listen to electronic devices
  • Keep food and drinks in closed containers
  • Secure bicycles onto the front bike rack
  • Store personal items under your seat or on your lap
  • Secure pets in a cage/carrier that fits under your seat or on your lap. Service animals may accompany their owners as needed.
  • Board the bus under the influence of alcohol or narcotics
  • Lay on bus seats or put feet on bus seats
  • Use profane language
  • Distract the driver
  • (Attempt to) buy or sell products or services. This includes distributing or posting materials.
  • Smoke or vape while riding
  • Eat or drink from an open container
  • Bring open alcoholic beverages on the bus
  • Bring large items (including strollers, scooters, etc) that block bus aisles
  • Bring weapons or flammable/explosive materials
  • Allow animals out of their carrier

Local police will be contacted under the following circumstances:

  • Engaging in suspected illegal activities
  • Willfully destroying or damaging MCAT or other property
  • Engaging in fighting or threatening violence in buses, bus stops or MCAT facilities

Passengers who do not follow these rules may be asked to leave the bus or bus stop area. Refusal to leave the bus or bus stop area may result in an arrest for trespassing pursuant to Florida Statute 810.08.

All MCAT vehicles and facilities are monitored 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


Queremos que su viaje sea una experiencia agradable. Para garantizar un viaje seguro, limpio y cómodo para nuestros pasajeros, por favor siga estas reglas:

  • Use ropa adecuada (se requieren camisa y zapatos)
  • Practique una higiene que reduzca olores personales
  • Hable en voz baja
  • Use audífonos para escuchar dispositivos electrónicos
  • Mantenga alimentos y bebidas en recipientes cerrados
  • Asegure las bicicletas en el portabicicletas delantero
  • Guarde artículos personales debajo de su asiento o en su regazo
  • Asegure a las mascotas en una jaula/portador que quepa debajo de su asiento o sobre sus piernas. Los animales de servicio pueden acompañar a sus dueños según sea necesario
  • Abordar el autobús bajo la influencia del alcohol o narcóticos
  • Acostarse en los asientos del autobús o poner los pies en los asientos del autobús
  • Usar lenguaje profano
  • Distraer al conductor
  • Intentar comprar o vender productos o servicios. Esto incluye distribuir o publicar materiales
  • Fumar o usar vaporizador en el autobús
  • Comer o beber de un recipiente abierto
  • Traer bebidas alcohólicas abiertas en el autobús
  • Traer artículos grandes (incluyendo coches, patinetes, etc.) que bloqueen los pasillos del autobús
  • Llevar armas o materiales inflamables/explosivos
  • Permitir que los animales salgan de su portador
  • Use ropa

A los pasajeros que no sigan estas reglas se les puede pedir que se bajen del autobús o del área de la parada del autobús. Negarse a abandonar el autobús o el área de la parada del autobús puede resultar en un arresto por invasión de propiedad privada, conforme al Estatuto de la Florida 810.08.

Todos los vehículos e instalaciones de MCAT son monitoreados 24 horas al día, 7 días a la semana.

Click here to view our Code of Conduct video.

Appeal Procedures

Any individual receiving a trespass order or directed to leave an MCAT bus or a bus stop area may, within three (3) business days following the trespass order or direction to leave, file a written appeal with the Transit Division Manager. The appeal must state why the trespass order or direction to leave was not in accordance with this policy. Once an appeal is received, a hearing will be scheduled within two business days and conducted within a reasonable timeframe. At the hearing, the individual may present his/her testimony and evidence supporting the appeal and the Transit Division may also provide testimony and evidence regarding the appeal.

After the hearing, the Transit Division Manager or his/her designee will provide a written response to the individual, granting or denying the appeal with explanation. The individual may dispute the determination of the Transit Division Manager or his designee by requesting a meeting with the Manatee County Public Works Department Director. The Director shall make a final determination which shall be communicated to the Transit Division and the individual making the appeal.

William Steele, Transit Division Manager
2411 Tallevast Road
Sarasota, FL 34243
[email protected]