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FEMA has released preliminary flood insurance rate maps that may impact your flood insurance rates. You can see if your property is affected by using our new Flood Zone Information Tool or by going directly to FEMA's map service center.

The Floodplain Management section reviews building permit and development applications for compliance with adopted floodplain management regulations. 

On the following pages you can find information about the National Flood Insurance Program, Elevation Certificates, and Building in the Floodplain. If you have any questions not covered on these pages or the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), please feel free to contact the section via phone or email. 

Flood zones are not the same as evacuation zones. Find your evacuation level.


Please contact the Flood Department for forms related to Floodplain Management processes and policies. Find information and forms related to flood elevation certificates, flood proofing certificates, and determinations.

Contact Floodplain Management

Sandy Tudor, CFM
Floodplain Section Manager
(941) 748-4501 Ext. 3843

Jessica Remkiewicz, CFM
(941) 748-4501 Ext. 3847

Melissa Papadopolous, CFM
(941) 748-4501 Ext 3835

Penny Fugate, Construction Review Specialist
(941) 748-4501 Ext 3815

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