Hauled Waste Program


The Hauled Waste Program was implemented to ensure that domestic septage, chemical toilet waste, and grease trap/interceptor waste generated in Manatee County was disposed of in an environmentally safe manner.

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Hauled Waste Program Overview

To ensure that hauled waste is collected, transported and disposed of in an environmentally safe manner throughout Manatee County, the Hauled Waste Program was developed under the premise that regulating the haulers, as well as providing them with an economical disposal option, would minimize instances of illegal dumping of such waste.  The Utilities' Wastewater Compliance section is responsible for implementing, administering and enforcing the requirements of the Hauled Waste Program, and its authority to do so is established within Manatee County's most current Sewer Use Ordinance (see link to Sewer Use Ordinance in box to the left).  Any business or entity wishing to haul and/or discharge waste from septic tanks, temporary domestic holding tanks, portable toilets, and food service facility grease traps or interceptors within Manatee County must apply for and obtain a permit (see Related Forms above) from the Wastewater Compliance office to do so.  Wastewaters produced by any type of industrial or manufacturing process are not covered under the Hauled Waste Program, but may be covered under the Industrial Pretreatment Program.

Location and Hours of Operation

Manatee County's hauled waste disposal facilities are situated at the Southeast Water Reclamation Facility (SEWRF), which is located at:

3331 Lena Road
Bradenton, FL 34211
(941) 748-4978

Hours of operation for the SEWRF are Monday – Friday 7:30 AM – 3:00 PM.  Any hauler requiring facility access after normal business hours must make prior arrangements with the appropriate personnel at the SEWRF by calling (941) 748-4978.  The name of the hauler, discharge permit number, and approximate time of arrival must be provided at the time of the call.  All wastes submitted for discharge to the SEWRF must include an accurate manifest (see Related Forms above), designating both the source of the waste and the waste type.  Wastes generated outside of Manatee County are not accepted at the SEWRF.  Waste hauler discharge instructions are provided to all permitted waste haulers upon receipt of their permit.

Permits and Fees

Permits to haul and/or discharge domestic septage, chemical toilet waste, and grease trap/interceptor waste within Manatee County are issued by the Wastewater Compliance office, whose address and contact information are included in the Waste Hauler Permit Application (see Related Forms above) which must be submitted to obtain a permit.  The following fees apply:

  • Waste Hauler Permit Fee (one year period) - $275.00
  • Septage Unloading Fee (per one thousand gallons) - $80.00 (minimum $40.00 per trip)
  • Grease Unloading Fee (per one thousand gallons) - $80.00 (minimum $40.00 per trip)

Proof of liability insurance must accompany the Waste Hauler Permit Application and all permit applicants must have a valid Manatee County Customer Service account before a permit will be issued.  Customer Service accounts can be established at:

Manatee County Utilities Customer Service Division 
3647 Cortez Road West
Bradenton, FL 34210
Phone: (941) 792-8811


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