Manatee County Lifeguarded Beaches

Coquina Beach, Cortez Beach, and Manatee Public Beach are the only beaches in Manatee County that provide beachgoers with professional lifeguard and medical rescue services. Although the lifeguards are stationed at these three beaches, they are dispatched by 911 operators to various emergency calls throughout Anna Maria Island, Manatee County, and neighboring areas on and off the sand.

The Gulf of Mexico is a normally calm body of water, but caution must always be taken when venturing into the open ocean. Most rescues occur when people overestimate their swimming ability and underestimate the power of nature.  Seasonal weather patterns and even afternoon thunderstorms can create high winds, fast-moving currents, strong waves, and powerful rip currents. Remember to always swim near a lifeguard and when in doubt, ask a lifeguard about dangers or concerns you may have."

Lifeguard Hours

Lifeguard hours are from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 

Swimming Areas

Swimming areas are designated with the USCG SWIM AREA buoys. These buoys are located in front of all lifeguarded areas and are there to designate a safe swim area for beach patrons. Swimmers MUST remain inside the designated buoyed swim area. Inflatable kayaks and inflatable SUPs are allowed in the swim area with swimmers but MUST remain inside the designated swim area as well. Any motorized, hard shell, non-human powered vessel must remain outside the swim area. Vessels are NOT allowed to drop off or pick up beach patrons. There are some limited acceptations to the hard-shell rule on certain beaches i.e., surfboards, hard-shell kayaks, and SUPs, so when in doubt ask a lifeguard. 

Beach Conditions

Water Temperatures range from about 59ºF/15ºC in the winter to approximately 88ºF/31ºC in the summer, with an average of 74ºF/24ºC.

Tides range from one to three feet under normal conditions and may represent two or four tides per day.

Sun exposure at this latitude may be more severe than you are accustomed to, so always take precautionary measures. Wear sunscreen of at least 15 SPF and don't remain in the sun for more than a few hours on your first day or two. For best results, when wearing sunscreen, you must reapply it throughout the day.