#ManateeReady: Emergency Planning

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Emergency Operation Center: Level 2 - Partial Activation

Evacuation Orders: None

Shelters: Closed

Sandbag Distribution: Closed


Report a Problem

Infrastructure Damage & Flooding:

Trash/Recycling and Water:

  • Call Utilities: (941) 792-8811

Other Issues:

Please only call 911 for life-threatening emergencies.

Learn Your Level

Find your evacuation zone in our evacuation map, or use our Resident Information Tool to find your evacuation level, nearest emergency shelters, and more.

How to Use the Emergency Information Center Map

The Emergency Information Center shows evacuation levels, sandbag locations, emergency shelter locations, road closures, and evacuation routes.

To find your evacuation level:

  1. Enter your address in the top left search bar.
  2. The map will zoom to your address.
  3. Compare the color to the legend to determine your evacuation level.
  4. Still unsure? Use our Resident Information Tool to look up your evacuation level.

To find the nearest sandbag and shelter locations:

  1. Click the second icon in the top right (a location pin in a circle). This will open the “Hurricane Information Near Me” tab.
  2. Enter your address. (You can also change the mileage radius on the bar below.)
  3. Click Sandbag Pickup Locations or Shelter Sites to see the closest locations.
  4. Click on one of the locations in the list to see more information and the status of that location.
  5. Click the “Directions” tab to get directions to that location.

Guide to the icons in the top right:

  • Legend - Shows the meaning of the symbols and colors on the map
    Hurricane Information Near Me - Allows you to find the closest sandbag and shelter locations
  • Parcel Search - Allows you to search by parcel and see additional information related to that parcel
  • Directions - Get directions between any two locations
  • Layer List - Turn on and of different layers (i.e. turn off sandbag locations or road closures if you don’t wish to see them on the map).
  • Print - Print the map

Stay Informed During an Emergency

Receive official voice, text, and/or email notifications during an emergency. Sign up for CodeRED Alerts.‚Äč