Where can I find a copy of my survey?

Florida is a “non-recording” state, meaning that Manatee County’s Survey Division typically is not provided copies of private surveys. Copies of a survey are usually restricted to the Surveying Business, their client, and third parties such as title companies or lending institutions.

If a boundary survey was provided at the time of a permit application, the County may have a copy scanned with the Records Division. However, this copy will be invalid because it lacks the original signature and seal of the Florida Surveyor. Click on the blue text hyperlink above to inquire if a record is available. A copy that is legible and complete should identify the surveying company/individual that originally prepared the survey drawing. Contacting this surveying company/individual may be the most cost effective and fastest way to obtain a valid copy certified to the current property owner(s).

If the Records Division does not have a copy of a survey, using a phone directory or internet search will help you locate local surveyors who can prepare a new survey.

Why does the County survey public rights-of-way and record “Road Plats”?

Public Right-of-Way (ROW) has been recorded by either the County or one of its consultants for many years. Surveys can positively identify the limits of ROW that the County maintains or other recorded information. They provide necessary information when planning to propose or design future improvements. At other times, surveys are used to geographically document the location of ROW.

The ROW must be maintained for the statutory time period (see Chapter 95.361 F.S. if maintenance is being claimed) and the location of limits for maintenance identified by a Manatee County Maintenance Supervisor or designee. The supervisor/designee has or will prepare an affidavit, which is recorded with the Clerk of the Circuit Court, and positively affirms that maintenance has been undertaken for the appropriate number of years by the County.

Road Plats are maps also recorded with the Clerk and positively identify the location of ROW. It is common for these maps to be a mixture of source documents that include subdivision plats, adjacent property deeds, and limits of maintenance by the County.

In general, when there is conflicting information, the County will hold the line that provides the greatest benefit to the public. Surveying projects like ROW typically require survey control points set randomly by the Surveyor along the entire length of the project. These control points do not identify where the maintained ROW is located, but are temporary points from which surveyors take their measurements. Control points are chosen to give the surveyor the best location with the most opportunity for measurements. At the end of the project, control point stakes are removed from the site.

Is there an inventory of Manatee County Roads and Bridges?

The following PDF file is for informational purposes only:

Road & Bridge Inventory

The Maintenance Division of the Public Works Department should be contacted at (941) 708-7450 for the confirmation of the maintenance of a specific right-of-way and the extent/location of the maintenance.


What should I do if I know a benchmark is going to be destroyed?

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Are there guidelines for the allocation of riparian rights?

Please see the document Allocation of Riparian Rights

Another helpful link can be found here: LABINS Explanation for Riparian Rights.

What is the North American Vertical Datum of 1988?

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Has FEMA issued a letter revalidating Letters of Map Change (LOMCs) for the new flood maps that became effective March 17, 2014?

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Where can I find information regarding the Manatee County Bulkhead lines?

Please visit Manatee County's Historical Records Library and request the following documents: 

  • Official Record Book 39, page 198
  • Official Record Book 110, page 637
  • Official Record Book 151, page 783.
  • Plat Book 14

Please contact the Survey Division to see if any other records are available.

I’ve downloaded a Subdivision page from the Clerk of the Circuit Court’s web page and there is a black streak running through the image. How can I get a good copy of the plat?

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