Final Site Plan Dedications

Many Final Site Plans approved for development in Manatee County require, as a condition of approval, the dedication of easements and right-of-way. The Property Acquisition division is responsible for overseeing the dedication of these property interests, including presenting them to the Board of County Commissioners for acceptance. Developers are required to convey these dedications prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy. Such easements may include but are not limited to:

  • Access Easements
  • Construction Easements
  • Drainage Easements
  • Flowage Easements
  • Sidewalk Easements
  • Utilities Easements

Easements may be temporary or permanent in nature as determined by the Public Works department.



  • Description and sketch should be prepared by a surveyor licensed by the State of Florida and will be reviewed by the county surveyor for accuracy and form.

  •  All Exhibits must be 8.5” X 11”.


Evidence certifying applicant’s fee interest ownership in the proposed area to be dedicated. Please provide one of the following:

  • Current (less than 60 days old) “opinion of title & encumbrances” (supported by appropriate deeds via a minimum 30-year search history), as certified by an attorney who is a member of The Florida Bar; or

  • Current “title policy” or “ownership & encumbrance report” issued by a title company licensed to conduct business in the State of Florida. Certification must be dated and signed by an authorized agent of the title company and not older than 60 days.

County staff must be notified of all changes in ownership occurring during the application process. An updated ownership & encumbrance report may be necessary prior to presentation to the Board.

Final Site Plan Dedications Process

  1. Once the certification of ownership is received, staff prepares conveyance documents for the dedication, including an affidavit of ownership and encumbrances and any consents and joinders appropriate to the conveyance.

  2. Once the legal description and sketch of the property interest to be dedicated to the County is received, the County Surveyor will review the legal description and sketch and will request revisions that may be required. The County Surveyor will work directly with the drafting surveyor, when possible, to request any changes.

  3. Staff will confirm with the requesting department that the dedication depicted in the legal description and sketch is the appropriate size and in the correct location. Additionally, staff will confirm that the rights granted in any easements are sufficient for the County’s purposes.

  4. Once the language of the conveyance documents is approved by the property owner and County staff, final documents will be emailed to the property owner for execution. Once the conveyance documents are approved, staff will advise the property owner the amount due for recording fees.

  5. All original executed and notarized conveyance documents should be returned to Property Acquisition staff, along with a check made payable to the Manatee County Clerk of Circuit Court.

  6. After all conveyance documents and monies owed for recording fees have been received, and in accordance with County procedures and deadlines, the easement will be submitted for the next possible Regular meeting for acceptance and recording by the Manatee County Board of County Commissioners.

Starting the Process

When you are ready to begin the process of dedication, please contact division manager Charles Meador at [email protected]