Property Acquisition acquires fee simple interest and easement interests in real property needed to provide services, such as roads, utilities and parks, to the citizens of Manatee County. Property is acquired through purchase, donation, property exchange, and when required, eminent domain.


Property Acquisition staff reaches out to property owners to discuss the real estate needs of the department requesting acquisition services. Once a price for the land interest is agreed upon, Property Acquisition staff will present a Contract for Sale and Purchase to Board of County Commissioners for their consideration. When the Contract is fully executed, staff will oversee the real estate closing. After the closing, the deed is presented to the Board of County Commissioners for acceptance.


If you have a parcel you would like to donate to Manatee County, please reach out to division manager Charles Meador at (941)748-4501 ext. 6289. Thank you!

Property Exchange

Property Acquisition is responsible for the exchange of County-owned property. If there is a need for the Manatee County or an individual property owner to initiate an exchange of property, staff will perform a preliminary review to determine the feasibility of such exchange. If the proposed exchange is beneficial for all parties, it is processed in accordance with Florida Statute 125.37.

Eminent Domain Acquisitions

While Manatee County strives to reach voluntary agreements with citizens to acquire land for County projects, eminent domain litigation is sometimes required to bring necessary services to citizens throughout the county. Conveyance of property and litigation associated with the County’s eminent domain powers is guided by Florida Statutes, Chapter 73.