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Orienteering is a competitive sport that combines navigation and racing. Participants use navigational skills to find their way to various checkpoints with a map and sometimes a compass. Orienteering is easy to learn and a fun way to exercise your mind and body outdoors. Orienteering is not only about running fast but selecting the best route to each checkpoint and visiting them in the correct order.

The Orienteering Trail at G.T. Bray Park begins and ends at the amphitheater, accessible from 2811 51st St W, Bradenton, FL 34209.

View or Print a Copy of the Orienteering Trail Map

Novice Orienteering Trail Map of G.T. Bray Park PDF
Intermediate Orienteering Trail Map of G.T. Bray Park PDF
Advanced Orienteering Trail Map of G.T. Bray Park PDF


Pick up a printed copy of the map from the G.T. Bray Park Recreation Center during business hours.

To track your time with the free iOrienteering App, follow these steps:

1. Download the iOrienteering App on your smartphone.
2. Open the iOrienteering App and select Load an Event.
3. Scan the Set Up QR Code for the course you would like to participate in, Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced. The QR codes are located at the start of the Orienteering Trail, next to the G.T. Bray Amphitheater.
4. Scan the Start QR Code to start the clock.
5. Use an orienteering trail map to navigate to each checkpoint and scan the QR codes as you go.
6. Scan the Finish QR Code to stop the clock. Check out your results!

If you find missing or broken QR Codes, please report them to [email protected]