Recycled Dreams Teen Fashion Show

Be a Part of Manatee's Most Unique Fashion Show 
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Teens in and around Manatee County are given the opportunity to live a day in the life of a fashion designer and/or model by making an original fashion and showing it off in front of an audience. Judges will select a winner based on creativity, presentation and use of recycled/repurposed materials. The day includes free hair styling, makeup and photo shoot for contestants and their models. 

You can win one of these fabulous prizes:

First Place: Google Chrome Book (sponsored by Keep Manatee Beautiful)

Second Place: Art Basket stuffed with creative goodies ($150 value)

Third Place: Sewing/Craft Basket ($100 value)

3 runner up gift certificates including “Best Accessory” ($50/each)

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Fashion Show Rules

  • Designers must be no younger than 13 years of age and no older than 19 years of age (however, models can be any age).

  • An entry can be from an individual or a team; however, prizes are based on an individual entrant.

  • Designers are strongly encouraged to attend one of two meetings scheduled Monday and Wednesday prior to the show date at 6 PM in the Manatee County Downtown Central Library (1301 Barcarrota Boulevard West, Bradenton 34205).

  • Designers may model their own creations or choose a model (they provide) to wear the piece for them.

  • Each entrant (or team of entrants) is permitted to enter one piece/outfit/ensemble, using recycled materials.

  • Make-up artists and hair stylists will be available to contestants and models at least 2 hours before the show for those contestants and models who choose to use these services. Contestants and their models can choose to do their own hair and makeup.
  • The piece/outfit/ensemble that each designer enters into the show/contest must be “family friendly” in nature. Any piece/outfit/ensemble deemed inappropriate will not be displayed.

  • Entries will be displayed on a catwalk. Judges will ask the designers various questions about their pieces/outfits/ensemble and their design and creation process, and points will be based on creativity, presentation and use of recycled materials.
This event is made possible due to the generosity of our sponsors: Keep Manatee Beautiful, Manatee Technical College, Mary Kay (Brandy Harlan) and the Braden River, Central, Island, Palmetto, Rocky Bluff and South Manatee Friends of Manatee Libraries. 

2019 Winners

First Place:  Amy Phung (Outfit Codesigner/Model, age 13), Karla Ortiz (Outfit Codesigner, age 14) and Angie Marroquin (Purse Designer, age 13) of Electa Lee Magnet Middle School

First-Place Winner

First-Place Winner on Runway

Look at these shoes! 

Winning outfit's shoes
First-Place Design Overview:  The top is made of ironed plastic bags with CDs for the trim, braided plastic bags for lace. The shirt is reversible (black shopping bags on the outside and orange scrap bubble wrap on the inside). VHS tape is used for the waist band. The shoes are made of cardboard. The heals are made from an old moisturizer bottle, and gum wrappers are used for the trim. The purse is made of magazine pages and beads)

Second Place:  Ermeline Constant (Designer, age 16) and Amara Bailey (Model, age 17) of State College of Florida Collegiate School

Second-Place Winner

Second-Place Design Overview:  Base of dress is made of rice bags. Skirt is lined with grocery bags. Dry cleaning bags are attached to skirt to create volume and length for hi-lo effect.Top uses CDs for decoration. Sleeves are crocheted. Flowers made of grocery bags are used for trim. Handbag is made from old CD holder and crocheted grocery bags. Shoes are made of cardboard.

Third Place:  Khrystine Rains (age 15) of FLVS Homeschool

Third Place Winner
Third-Place Design Overview:  Dress is made of sewed tarps. Plastic and trash bags are used for the top with zipper from old dress. Wings are made of cut plastic storage containers. Feathers are cardboard storage bins, corset is cereal box and recycled ribbon is used for the lace up.

Runner Up (Outfit):  Kea Kamiya (Designer, age 16) and Kali Kamiya (Model, age 14) of State College of Florida Collegiate School

Runner Up Outfit

Runner Up (Outfit) Design Overview:  Dress is made of an air mattress with hand-cut flowers (also from the air mattress material). The motor of the air mattress was turned into a purse with the strap and zipper from an old computer bag. The shoes are made from cardboard (old Amazon boxes).

Runner Up (Outfit):  Jeffrey Van Berkel (age 14) of Electa Lee Magnet Middle School

Soldier Runner Up

Runner Up (Outfit) Design Overview:  The base of the design is cardboard. The helmet is made of cardboard with blue and white pipe clearners. The chest piece is made out of soda cans, ironed to flatten. The shirt is an IKEA bag. Soda tabs are used for flare. Shoes are made from soda tabs, duct tape and cardboard.

Runner Up (Accessories):  Cody Bonnis (age 14) of Electa Lee Magnet Middle School

Runner Up Accessories

Runner Up (Accessories) Design Overview:  A trash bag is used for the trench coat with brown duct tape. The bag is made of folded paper into ninja stars.

Group Shot

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2018 Winners

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