Area 52 Recording Studio Policy

Manatee County Library provides patrons access to audio recording and editing equipment and software. The recording studio and its equipment are available to all library cardholders with a valid Manatee County Library card, who have completed a recording studio orientation class, and who have a recording studio agreement signed and on file. Juvenile agreements granting permission to use the recording studio must be signed by a parent or legal guardian who will be held liable for damages to any library property or equipment.

Room Reservation

The recording studio may be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to library usage. Reservations must be made through the meeting room reservation process and an email must be sent to Jessica Franklin ([email protected]) to ensure all steps have been met. You must be 18 years of age or older and hold a valid Manatee County Library Card to reserve the recording studio. Juvenile patrons aged sixteen (16) and up, who have completed a recording studio orientation class, and who have a recording studio agreement signed and on file must have a reservation made by a parent or legal guardian.

Each room usage request must be submitted electronically, at least 48 hours in advance to receive a confirmation of reservation. Upon receipt of the reservation request, approval of the application and confirmation of the booking may be obtained if the room usage falls clearly within the approved meeting room policy uses. Use of the recording studio cannot serve as an opportunity for sales of products or services. Solicitation on library property is prohibited.

The library reserves the right to cancel reservations when an unexpected library need arises. In such cases, at least 72-hour notice will be given to the person who made the reservation. In the event that the library is closed due to bad weather, the recording studio will not be available. It is the responsibility of any patron using the recording studio to call the library and confirm opening during extreme weather conditions.

Room Check-in/Check-out

Patrons are expected to check in at the Circulation Desk with their library cards or a picture ID before entering the recording studio for their reservation. Only the patron who made the room reservation can complete the Sign-in/Sign-out form. Patrons who have not arrived within 15 minutes of the reservation start time will have their reservation canceled so that others may use the studio. Reservation times will not be extended for late arrivals. The patron who made the room reservation for recording studio use must be present during the entire length of the reservation. Circulation desk library staff will assist patrons with access the studio. However, library staff will not be able to remain in the room or to provide instruction. Patrons who desire basic instruction related to the use of the studio and equipment are encouraged to arrange a meeting with the Programming Librarian prior to room reservation.

Failure to check out by the end of the reservation time may limit future use of the studio. Patrons are required to clean-up the studio before departing. Setup, breakdown, saving of work, and clean-up times are to be completed within the allotted studio session time.

Room Regulations

Patrons using the Manatee Count Library’s recording studio shall be required to indemnify and hold harmless the library from any and all claims or actions attributable to the use of the library facilities. The library assumes that patrons using the recording studio will exercise care in the use of the facility and exhibit respect for the library’s property and staff, as well as for normal activities occurring within the building. If damage occurs, or if there is evidence of misuse, abuse, or theft, charges will be assessed and the library may assert legal remedies, and the future use of the recording studio will be denied. Any use of and/or content made in the recording studio must comply with all applicable local, state, and federal laws.

All patrons using the library’s recording studio assumes the risk of, and shall be held responsible for, any and all loss, damage, destruction, or theft of library property. The patron who reserved the meeting space will be billed for all replacements or maintenance fees accrued as a result of above listed damages of library property.

Patron materials and/or equipment may not be stored in recording studio. The library assumes no responsibility for items left in our facility. Patrons are responsible for personal belongings. Nothing may be attached to walls, floors, or ceiling in the recording studio, helium filled balloons and the burning of candles or incense is not allowed inside the library. Food and/or drinks are not permitted in the recording studio due to the nature of the equipment.

The library does not serve as a childcare facility in the event an adult is occupied in the recording studio. Library staff will adhere to the Unattended Children Policy which states that a parent/legal guardian/caregiver should always maintain eye contact with children under 12 while using the library. The recording studio is sound-treated but is not sound-proof. If patrons using the recording studio are too loud, they will be asked to lower the volume to a level that does not cause a disturbance to other library patrons. The maximum occupancy of the recording studio is 4 people, of which one must be at least 16 or the parent/legal guardian responsible for the reservation. The door to the recording studio must remain closed during a session.

Equipment Regulations

It is the responsibility of the patron to immediately discontinue use of any equipment and inform a member of the library staff of any of the following circumstances:

A. Uncertainty about the use or behavior of Manatee County Library equipment.

B. Equipment cannot be returned to its original borrowed state.

C. A user suspects any piece of equipment is unsafe or in a state of disrepair.

D. Any accident or incident occurs.

E. Any unsafe behavior by users.

Any work saved on Manatee County Library computers or other equipment will be deleted and cannot be recovered. Patrons using the recording studio must provide their own external storage devices. Library staff must approve all patron-supplied materials in order to reduce risk to other patrons or damages to the equipment.

Patrons may bring their own recording equipment and/or instruments to use in the recording studio, but Manatee County Library is not responsible for any damages or loss to patron owned property. Connecting outside equipment directly to the studio computer or installation of any software without receiving prior approval is prohibited. If an instrument or equipment is determined to be too loud for use, patrons will be asked to discontinue use. Percussion instruments cannot be accommodated. Please note also that space within the studio is limited.

At the discretion of the Library Services Manager, loss of library privileges for violation of these policies may occur.