Bids and Proposals

Once on the Bids and Proposals webpage, click the reference number to view the details of the competitive opportunity and download any official documents associated with the solicitation record.

It is the responsibility of each vendor, prior to submitting their Bid or Proposal, to contact the Manatee County Procurement Division to determine if addenda were issued and to make such addenda a part of their Bid or Proposal.

Open/Active Solicitations - The County is actively soliciting competitive Bids or Proposals.

Closed Solicitations - Bids or Proposals are no longer being accepted.

  • Under Evaluation - The responses are under review and analysis.
  • Intent to Award - A decision or intended decision has been made.
  • Canceled - The solicitation has been canceled or rejected.
  • Awarded - The solicitation or proposal has been awarded.

Search Tool - On all screens you can do the following:

  1. Enter a keyword to filter the list using the Search Filter
  2. Sort the list by clicking any of the column headings
  3. Export your list of solicitations using the pdf link at the bottom of the page

Manatee Chamber of Commerce

In addition, Manatee County informs Manatee Chamber of Commerce, Manasota Black Chamber of Commerce, Latin Chamber of Commerce, and the Gulf Coast Builders Exchange of all active solicitations, who then distribute the information to their members.

is getting a makeover: Do not worry, you will have the same services you received from BidSync. BidSync is just updating their name to Periscope S2G

Getting Started with Periscope S2G

  • Manatee County has partnered with Periscope S2G, to host our opportunities for Bids and Proposals.
  • There is NO CHARGE to vendors for use of the service.
  • Register with Periscope S2G now.
  • The registration process typically takes less than five minutes.
  • If you are already registered with BidSync, log in here to update your Periscope S2G profile.
  • Participation in the system is not a requirement of doing business with Manatee County.

Bids and Proposals on Periscope S2G