County Attorney

The County Attorney's Office (CAO) provides legal advice and representation to the Board of County Commissioners (the Board), the County Administrator and the various operating departments of County Government.

Advice is typically dispensed by way of formal memoranda in response to written Request(s) for Legal Services. Representation typically occurs when the County is a party to litigation, whether as plaintiff or defendant. Whether dispensing advice or representing the county in state or federal court or before administrative tribunals, the CAO seeks to protect the interests of Manatee County Government and by extension the citizens of the County.

On those occasions when the County Attorney deems it necessary to secure the services of special or conflict counsel, the CAO supervises, reviews and coordinates the work of such outside attorneys.

The CAO also provides legal advice and representation to the various agencies and advisory bodies under the jurisdiction of the Board and (upon direction of the Board and with the consent of the County Attorney) to constitutional officers and other units of local government where necessary to protect the County's interests.

The CAO (through its Risk Management Division) also oversees the administration of the County's self insurance program, to include workers' compensation, general and auto liability and safety training.



  • (941) 745-3750