Plans Review


We provide for the protection of the public through the review of building plans to ensure compliance with adopted codes and standards by reviewing plans for conformance with County codes, investigating complaints of unlicensed construction activity and maintaining County Building and Construction Codes in conformance with state requirements and county needs.


As of Permit Number BLD2401-0000 (January 1, 2024) the following new code will be in effect

  • Florida Building Code, 8th Edition (2023)
View the 2023 Florida Building Code


There are many ways to conserve energy in building structures today and one of the ways is spray foam insulation. Many people are using spray foam for various reasons but there is a certain way this must be applied not only for R values but also for life safety reasons. All spray foam products require an ignition barrier for fire whether it is mixed in the foam or applied afterwards.

Manatee County Development Services requires an alteration permit for all residential and commercial jobs before any spray foam can be applied. This is per Florida Building Code Section 2603 Commercial and R316 Residential. For the permit application, you will need to provide three sets of the manufacturer specifications on the spray foam type you intend to use.


When applying for a public pool resurfacing or remodeling permit with Manatee County, please use the Pool-Spa application under Standard Permits. When filling out the application, you will be prompted to answer whether the application is for a public pool resurfacing/remodeling project.

Please note that  Florida Department of Health also requires a permit for this type of project. Please visit the Florida Department of Health website for information and instructions on applying for a permit with their agency.

All design requirements shall comply with the current Florida Building Code Section 454 or Florida Building Code Residential Chapter 45.


The Florida Building Code includes four separate risk categories for buildings in Florida. For more information on these risk categories, please refer to the Florida Building Code 

The Florida Building Code also provides maps for each of the four categories, you can see the excerpted material here.