FGBC Gold Certification

Image FGBC Gold Certification

The Florida Green Building Coalition issued Gold Certification to Manatee County for the County's Green initiatives and energy saving measures. Manatee County was first was certified Silver in 2011 and was upgraded to Gold on 3/4/14.

Green achievements earning the certification included:


  • Developed an environmentally preferable purchasing program (EPP)
  • Provide incentives for local businesses who utilize EPP or other solid waste reduction strategy
  • Implement the use of alternative fuel in school busses and other vehicles
  • Maintain staff or group to coordinate current and future green activities
  • Enact green landscaping ordinance for local government buildings
  • Enact and enforce a tree preservation or land-clearing ordinance
  • Apply Florida Friendly landscaping principles at public amenities
  • Enact a rain sensor ordinance applicable to all functioning automatic irrigation systems
  • Enact a landscaping ordinance for new construction
  • Offer free or discounted green products to the public, including rebates for low-flow toilets
  • Offer green building or green local government education to the community
  • Develop a historic preservation ordinance
  • Firing ranges utilize non-lead bullets or trap and collect fragments
  • Maintain a Recycling program and recycle of end-of-life electronic equipment
  • Enact policy so all electronic equipment purchased has conservation features
  • Develop environmental education content for county website, television programs, etc.
  • Create an endangered lands conservation / purchasing program
  • Take part in Florida Clean Marina program
  • Enact manatee protection plan and coastal areas enact sea turtle ordinance
  • Provide air and water quality information on county website
  • Create a reclaimed water infrastructure
  • Maintain organic community gardens
  • Minimize chlorine in community swimming pools
  • Implement energy efficient lighting & controls for outdoor courts, parks, and playfields
  • Utilize integrated pest management
  • Utilize solar or other energy efficient streetlights
  • Monitor and track building energy usage in the school district
  • Construct / renovate green schools
  • Involve students in green projects within the school

You can read more about the The Florida Green Building Coalition at their website: