Residential garbage and recycling collection will be as follows: 

    • Monday’s collection will be collected on Tuesday, May 30th
    • Tuesday’s collection will be collected on Wednesday, May 31st
    • Wednesday’s yard waste will be collected on Thursday, June 1st
    • Thursday’s collection will be collected on Friday, June 2nd
    • Friday’s collection will be collected on Saturday, June 3rd

    Note: Residents of Trailer Estates, Bradenton Beach, Holmes Beach, or Anna Maria, check your waste hauler holiday schedule. 

Celebrate International Compost Awareness Week from May 7th to May 13th ~ Below are some tips on how to do it at home.

Compost 101 at home

Choose Your Container
Garden centers sell a variety of containers for making compost. You can buy a sealed composting bin that has a little door in it for adding organic matter—or a composting barrel on a stand that allows you to tumble it.

Start Piling

Most compost is made up of organic materials like leaves, garden plants, newspaper, straw, grass clippings, manure, and kitchen scraps. Kitchen waste should include materials like vegetables and fruit peeling, eggshells, tea leaves, coffee grounds, etc. Remember that you need to add 3 parts carbon items to every one part of your nitrogen-heavy kitchen scraps. Carbon items include shredded paper (no plastic or shiny paper) or brown leaves. Meat, fat, and bone products should never be added to the compost pile, as they can introduce harmful parasites and attract animals.


One of the most important parts of learning how to start composting is committing to turn the pile every few weeks. This gives the compost pile needed oxygen to help break down its contents. You can do this with a shovel or get a bin that has built-in turning handles or features. Moreover, you can get your kids involved and add it to their weekly chores list so that they’ll develop a sense of responsibility for the garden.

Enjoy Your Compost!

After a while, you’ll begin to see your compost fully biodegrade into nutrient-rich soil. This soil, coined “garden gold” can be a great natural fertilizer for your plants. Compost can also build the foundation for a super healthy garden by reducing harmful pests. Moreover, learning how to compost teaches your family the value of reducing food waste.




The Utilities Lobby is closed to the public. A drive-up Drop Box is located on the East side of the Administration building. Payments may also be made by any of the methods on the Bill Payment Options page. All other business may be conducted over the phone, including opening new service. Call (941) 792-8811.


Not sure how to properly dispose of something? Unincorporated Manatee County has launched a new solid waste & recycling material look-up tool “Waste Wizard”. You can also sign up to receive, Household Hazardous & Electronic Scrap collection reminders through methods of email, phone call or text message. For more information please visit www.mymanatee.org/wastewizard

How can we help you?

Contact Utilities at (941) 792-8811 and use the following extensions from 8:00 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. for your specific issue:

  • Water Line Breaks: Ext 5268 
  • Cross Connection Control Questions: Ext 5267 or 5283  
  • Landfill Questions: Ext 8001
  • Sewer Issues: Ext 5411
  • Water Color/Odor: Ext 5025
  • Meters: Ext. 5120

After normal business hours, report emergencies through the (941) 792-8811 number by choosing option 8. 


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