Right-of-Way Use Permit

Image Right-of-Way Use Permit

This section oversees the permitting of all construction activity within public rights-of-way. All telephone, electricity, cable television, gas and other private-sector operations must apply for a Right-of-Way Use Permit. Additionally we regulate over-sized vehicle permits. Approximately 400 Right-of-Way Use Permits are processed annually.

Right-of-Way Use Permitting

Before installing any improvements, including but not limited to drainage culverts, utilities, landscaping, communication cables (such as optical fiber), natural gas pipelines, or other transmission lines of any facility on County property or in public rights-of-way, you must have an approved Right-of-Way Use permit, as required by Florida Statutes 125.42 and 337.401; and Manatee County Ordinance 08-70 and Resolution 96-05. 


Click for Manatee County Right-of_Way LIcensing and Registration Instructions.


Public Works now offers online permitting. To register, e-mail kenneth.labarr@mymanatee.org with the company name, business license, insurance information, address, phone number and e-mail address.  You will receive a confirmation with the log in information.  Once you've completed registration, you may submit the application online and check the status of the permit throughout the life of the application.


For more information, visit public.mymanatee.org/row_permitting/controller


Road Closure Requests

Florida statutes require local approval before any road closure. To apply for a local road closure, you must provide Manatee County Public Works with a maintenance of traffic plan showing the proposed detour route and accompanying signage package. Depending upon the anticipated impact, the process may take as long as two weeks. Road Closure Procedure.


For more information on road closures in Manatee County, call (941)708-7409 or e-mail  kenneth.labarr@mymanatee.org.


Oversized Loads on County Right-of-Way

To move an oversized load across or over County roads, you must first obtain an Oversized Vehicle/Load Permit. (This requirement does not apply to house-moving permits which are processed through the Building Department.) The application process includes a review by County agencies and utility companies, which may take as long as five days. You will be notified if your application is approved or denied. View/print the Over-Sized Vehicle/Load Permit Application.


For additional information or assistance with any of the above permit applications, call the Infrastructure Inspections Division of the Public Works Department at (941) 708-7409 or e-mail kenneth.labarr@mymanatee.org.