Frequently Asked Questions

Neighborhood Planning receives numerous calls on a variety of things. Check out the most common questions and answers.

  • What does Neighborhood Planning do?

    We empower and guide neighborhoods who are willing to help themselves become a better place to live.


    The future holds endless opportunities for us in Neighborhood Planning, but also for the neighborhoods throughout the County. Some of the things we will be doing are:


    • Fostering Additional Partnerships
    • Asset Based Mapping
    • Enhanced Communications
    • Disaster Preparedness
    • Strengthening Communities
  • Are there any other grants available?

    Neighborhood Planning Division is always on the lookout for additional grants available through public and private organizations.

  • Why should our neighborhood organize?

    A neighborhood association is one of the best ways to build relationships between neighbors.  Members of a neighborhood may go years without knowing neighbors two doors away.  A spirit of warmth and friendliness can be generated through the formation of an association.  Also, neighbors become familiar with each other’s needs, interests and become more supportive in problem solving. 


    Through an association, your neighborhood has a unified voice in Manatee County government.  The services that Manatee County can provide to your neighborhood can be accessed efficiently through an association.  Information on County services can also be provided to a greater number of neighbors, resulting in a benefit to the neighborhood as a whole.  If your neighborhood needs improvements, local residents are the best resources to help initiate change. 


    Neighborhood associations work with County staff and residents to develop long range beautification and improvement projects.

  • How do I start a neighborhood association?

    You might begin by speaking with a few neighbors who seem to care about neighborhood issues.  Those people would then spread the word to others in the area.  You could reach out to the community by putting together a flyer for an informal meeting.  At that meeting discuss a purpose and move forward with the organization.  A block party is a great idea to meet your neighbors.


    Contact Neighborhood Planning, for assistance in starting an organization, (941) 749-3029.

  • How can I get my streets paved? How can I get additional lighting in my neighborhood?

    You may want to go through an assessment...

    Assessments, which are part of the Public Works Department, are programs whereby the residents pay for improvements via their tax bills.  These programs include road paving, sewer, streetlighting, canal dredging, and reclaimed water.  If you would like more information on any of these programs, please contact Sherri Robinson at (941) 708-7450 Ext. 7334 or

  • Are there any free neighborhood websites?

    Neighborhood Link allows you to create a free neighborhood website for those of you considering putting your information out on the web.  

  • How can I find out about what code is? 

    Take a look at Manatee County Code Enforcement's page.

  • What do I have to do to install a well in a residential community?

    Natural Resources Department
    415 10th Street West,
    Bradenton, Florida 34205


    Wes Ripperger
    Environmental Specialist
    (941) 742-5980, xt 1878
    Fax: (941) 741-3227

  • Landfill Related Questions

    Household Hazardous Waste


    Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) must not be placed curbside. For your convenience, Manatee County has established a HHW collection for residents to dispose of the following items on the 3rd Saturday of each month from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. at the Lena Road Landfill located at 3333 Lena Road. 


    Acceptable HHW Materials:

    • Solvents 
    • Latex or Oil Based Paint 
    • Garden Pesticides
    • Waste
    • Oil 
    • Gasoline (in gasoline approved container) 
    • Ammunition / Flares
    • Propane Tanks 
    • Florescent & Compact Florescent Lamps (bulbs) 
    • Batteries (non-alkaline)
    • Household Chemicals    
    • Other household hazardous materials 


    All landfill questions should be directed to (941) 798-6761.

  • What do I do if I can’t get a problem resolved? 

    Contact the Citizen’s Action Center at 941 742 5800.  This number goes to the County Administrator’s office.  Each call is logged and tracked through a tracking system.