Manatee County Pretrial and Probation division one of three FL counties to achieve unique dual accreditation

  • Jul 3, 2017

MANATEE COUNTY, FL (July 3, 2017) – Manatee County Pretrial Release has become one of three Florida agencies to achieve state accreditation for both pretrial and probation services through the Florida Corrections Accreditation Commission.

 Accreditation has helped county operations become more streamlined and consistent and it assures employees that every aspect of the agency’s personnel system is in compliance with professional standards, according to Probation Services Manager Jennifer Burgh. She said the morale of the agency is enhanced by increasing the employees’ confidence in the effectiveness and efficiency of their own agency.

"Accreditation is a coveted award that symbolizes professionalism, excellence and competence," Burgh said. "I could not be more proud of the probation team. they're amazing. everyone worked toward this. This agency represents the very best in pretrial and probation around the state."

Manatee County's four probation officers screen approximately 300 clients per month for pretrial release, so clients who cannot afford bond will not be required to stay in jail. Manatee's 15 probation officers supervise an average of 1,200 clients per month, on pretrial release and misdemeanor probation.

Cheri Coryea, director of Manatee County Neighborhood and Community Services added that accreditation bolsters confidence throughout the local criminal justice system.  

"This kind of accreditation is a hard-earned accomplishment that gives judges, the courts system and the Sheriff's Office more of an opportunity to ensure the safe and reliable oversight of probationers back into the community," Coryea said. "You couldn't ask for a better group than our Probation Division oversee probationers' rehabilitation into society."

Orange and Lee counties also achieved the double accreditation during the Accreditation Commission's annual ceremony in Orlando. Manatee's recognition comes two years after the division became Florida's seventh local agency to achieve state accreditation for pretrial services. 

With public safety in mind, judges evaluate a number of factors identified during the screening process as they consider whether defendants should be assigned to supervised release as low-cost alternative to jail. Manatee’s Pretrial Release program has great value for Manatee taxpayers: The daily cost of incarceration for a Manatee County jail is $78.71 per inmate. The daily cost of pretrial release is $1.91 per defendant. Manatee County Pretrial Release clients appear for their court dates 95 percent of the time.

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