Manatee County's Birds

  • Jun 16, 2011

Manatee County's conservation preserves are for the birds! The over 25,000 acres of natural habitat maintained by the Natural Resources Department that attract a wide variety of birds.

Bird Brain Trivia Challenge Answers


Bird Brain Trivia Challenge Answers:


June 2011


  • Ostrich, Emu, Penguin, Rhea (there are a number of different birds that cannot fly)
  • Fish (name an osprey's favorite food)
  • Yes (one of the main characteristics of birds is that they have feathers)
  • Mockingbird (Florida's state bird)
  • No (birds do not have teeth)
  • Bones (vertebrates are animals with a spine and bones; bird bones are hollow)
  • Migrate (birds migrate when the seasons change, flying south in the winter to warmer climates or to habitats that have better food and/or nesting resources)


Who am I?

Black Skimmer
Black Skimmer

The mystery bird is a black skimmer. This photograph was snapped by volunteer photographer Bill Foxworthy at the pond just across the street. Black skimmers, Rynchops niger, have a unique bill that may look odd but serves a very special purpose. The large red and black bill is designed to help the bird capture fish. The upper section is shorter than the lower mandible of the bill and the skimmer can drag the lower bill through the water as it flies along, catching small fish.