Current Road Work Updates

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See the map and table below for current road work and possible lane and full road closures. Some closures are intermittent or overnight. See "Notes" for more information. Additional construction projects are listed below. Visit our Smart Traffic website for live updates and traffic camera views of our roads.

Current Road work INCLUDING POSSIBLE Closures

Construction Projects - FDOT Roadways

Updated July 5th, 2019

Various locations along US 41, US 19 and SR 780: Construction project: Crews are installing highway lighting and constructing sidewalks at various locations along US 41, US 19 and SR 780 in Manatee and Sarasota Counties. Expect nighttime/overnight lane closures from 
7 p.m. to 6 a.m. and daytime lane closures from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Expected completion is summer 2019. The contractor is Highway Safety Devices, Inc.  
Various locations along SR 684 and US 301: Construction project: Crews are installing new highway lighting at various locations along SR 684 from Gulf Drive to 9 th  Street W and on US 301 from Tallevast Road to 9 th  Street E. Expect nighttime/overnight lane closures from  10:30  p.m.  to  6  a.m.  Expected  completion  is  fall  2019.  PowerCore,  Inc.  is  the contractor.  
I-275 at the Sunshine Skyway Rest Areas in Manatee and Pinellas Counties: Construction project:  Improvements  include  constructing  new  rest  areas  and  new  parking  lots  with LED lighting, seawall repairs and extending the seawall at the Manatee County rest area 
to accommodate a new picnic pavilion.  The Manatee County rest area is closed for renovations.  Motorists  should  use  the  Pinellas  County  rest  area  during  this  time. 
The  fishing  pier  will  remain  open  during  the  closure.  Expected  completion  is  spring 2020. David Nelson Construction Company is the contractor.  
I-275  Southbound  Ramp  to  I-75  Northbound  (Exit  228):  Construction  project:  Crews  are replacing the concrete bridge deck on the southbound I-275 ramp to northbound I-75. The I-275 southbound ramp to northbound I-75 will remain through the summer. Traffic is being  detoured  north  on  US  41/S  Tamiami  Trail  to  SR  674/E  College  Avenue  in Hillsborough  County.  A  temporary  traffic  signal  has  been  installed  on  US  41  at  the southbound  I-275  exit.  Expect  nighttime/overnight  lane  closures  on  the  I-275 southbound ramp to I-75 southbound from 9 p.m. each night to 6 a.m. each morning 
Sunday, July 7 through Saturday, July 13. Expect nighttime/overnight lane closures on I-75 northbound and I-75 southbound between Moccasin Wallow Road and just south  of  the  I-275  interchange  from  9  p.m.  each  night  to  6  a.m.  each  morning Sunday, July 7 through Saturday, July 13. Use caution and watch for changes in the traffic pattern. Expected completion is fall 2019. Cone & Graham, Inc. is the contractor. 
I-75  at  SR  70  Interchange  (Exit  217): Construction  project: This  week,  crews  will  work  on widening I-75, the ramps, retaining walls, SR 70 drainage and curbs, installing signage, and working on the bridges over SR 70 and the Braden River. 
•  SR 70 westbound will be closed during the overnight hours from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. on 
Wednesday, July 10th and Thursday, July 11th underneath I-75 while crews install 
interstate bridge beams; weather permitting.  Beginning at 8 p.m. each evening, crews 
will close two lanes on SR 70 westbound, with the total closure beginning at 11 p.m.   
•  SR 70 eastbound will have two lanes closed beginning at 8 p.m. each evening but will 
remain open.  I-75 northbound and southbound off-ramps to SR 70 will be reduced to 
one lane each evening from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m.   
•  Motorists  wishing  to  travel  SR  70  westbound  are  advised  take  I-75  northbound  to 
Exit 220/SR 64 and return to the interstate southbound and exit at Exit 217/SR 70; or, use local routes. 
•  Motorists should expect lane closures on I-75 during nighttime/overnight hours from 
8:45  p.m.  to  6  a.m.  (northbound)  or  8  p.m.  to  5  a.m.  (southbound)  through  the duration of the construction. 
•  Motorists  should  expect  lane  closures  on  SR  70  during  nighttime/overnight  hours from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. through the duration of the construction. 
•  Motorists  should expect  lane shifts on  I-75 and SR 70 through the duration of the construction.
•  Drivers should exercise caution and be aware of construction vehicles entering and exiting the interstate through the duration of the construction. 
Variable message signs will be in place to alert drivers that work is underway. Estimated completion is late 2021. The contractor is Sacyr Construction USA, LLC. 
US 41 from 301 Boulevard to 21 st  Avenue: Construction project: Crews are installing concrete traffic  separators/directional  turn-lanes  within  the  median,  resurfacing  the  roadway, improving  drainage,  and  installing  new  signing  and  pavement  markings.  Expect 
nighttime/overnight  lane  closures  from  7  p.m.  to  6  a.m.  and  daytime  lane  closures from       9  a.m.  to  4  p.m.  (not  within  600  feet  of  a  signalized  intersection).  The northbound  outside  lane  will  be  closed  from  32 nd   Avenue  to  30 th   Avenue  for approximately two weeks while crews complete drainage work. Expected completion is 
summer 2019. Blacktip Services Incorporated is the contractor.  
SR 789 at the Longboat Key Pass Bridge: Construction project: Crews are making structural, electrical and mechanical repairs on the bridge. Expect nighttime/overnight lane closures 
from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. Sidewalk closures are also expected during construction. Southern Road & Bridge, LLC is the contractor. Expected completion is late summer 2019.  
SR  64  at  Rye  Road:  Construction  project:  Crews  are  constructing  a  multi-lane  roundabout; resurfacing the roadway; improving drainage, and installing new highway lighting and landscaping.  A  traffic  switch  has  been  implemented  shifting  traffic  to  the  current 
westbound lanes using temporary crossovers. Traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction throughout the project limits. Rye Road will remain accessible during this  time.  The  speed  limit  on  State  Road  64  will  be  reduced  to  45  mph.  IBT 
Construction is the contractor. Expected completion is late 2019. 
SR 43 (10 th  Street) from 6 th  Avenue Drive W to 2 nd  Avenue: Construction project: Crews are making  improvements  to  two  railroad  crossings,  improving  drainage,  constructing sidewalk,  and  constructing  turn  lanes  on  State  Road  43  (10 th   Street).  State  Road  43 (10 th   Street)  between  6 th   Avenue  Drive  W  and  2 nd   Avenue  closed  to  traffic overnight  Thursday,  June  13/early  Friday,  June  14  and  remain  closed  for approximately 70 days while crews are working.  
•  Traffic northbound on US 41 to westbound SR 43 (10th Street) will make a left-turn onto 7th Street W and continue to Business US 41 (8th Avenue W). Make a right-turn onto  Business  US  41  (8th  Avenue  W)  and  then  make  a  left-turn  on SR  43  (10th 
Street) to continue west. 
•  Traffic southbound on US 41 to eastbound SR 43 (10th Street) will make a right-turn onto 17th Street W and continue to Business US 41 (8th Avenue W). Make a left-turn onto  Business  US  41  (8th  Avenue  W)  and  then  make  right-turn  onto  SR  43  (10th Street)  to  continue  east  until  the  road  closure  at  6th  Avenue  Drive  W.  Otherwise, motorists  will  continue  south  on  US  41  and  exit  at  10th  Street  W  to  continue eastbound as normal.   
•  Traffic  eastbound  on  10th  Street  will  make  a  left-turn  onto  Business  US  41  (8th Avenue W) and continue to 17th Street W. Make a right-turn onto 17th Street W and continue to US 41. Make a right-turn onto southbound US 41 and exit at SR 43 (10th 
Street) to continue east. 
•  Traffic westbound on 10th Street will merge onto US 41 northbound and continue to 17th Street W. Make a left-turn onto 17th Street W and continue to Business US 41 (8th Avenue W). Make a left-turn onto Business US 41 (8th Avenue W) and continue to 10th Street. Make a right-turn onto 10th Street to continue west. 
Nighttime/overnight  lane  closures  from  7  p.m.  to  6  a.m.  will  occur  throughout construction  while  crews  are  working.  Expected  completion  is  fall  2019.  Preferred Materials, Inc., is the contractor.