Adding Documents to a Page

Before adding a document to your page, make sure the document is necessary. All PDFs and other documents must meet accessibility standards, or else we will be out of compliance with federal law.

The best practice is to include information directly within the content of the site when possible. This makes it easier for users to find and access. It also makes it easier for Content Managers and Editors to review and maintain.

  • Write out the content on the webpage if the document is a few pages or less. You can still include a PDF for download if necessary.

When downloadable documents or forms are required, they should be in an accessible PDF format. Other document formats, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are strongly discouraged. Not all users have access to Microsoft Office to view these documents.

Learn how to create accessible documents.

Types of documents and naming conventions

We recommend following the naming convention DocumentName-Department-Division-Date (only including a date or year if applicable).

Brochures and Flyers - Images or PDFs of flyers or brochures are strongly discouraged.

  • In most cases, the content in a brochure or flyer should exist a text on the webpage. The content should be rewritten to fit web content standards.
  • Any words or information in that image is not searchable, so users will not be able to find it. Without proper metadata, these images also pose accessibility issues for users using site readers. Documents must be accessible to be in compliance with federal law.
  • If you believe users will want to print the brochure, you can also include it as a downloadable PDF.

Forms - Could this form be an online fillable form instead? Contact the Site Administrator. If the form must be downloaded and filled out, an accessible, fillable PDF of the form is recommended.

Agendas, manuals, reports, and other extensive documents - Extensive documents make sense as downloadable accessible PDFs. Make sure to add context around the link to the document.


How to add a document to a page

You must run an accessibility check on your document and fix all issues before uploading it to the site. Providing accessible PDFs and documents is required by law.

Open the content portlet you’d like to add the document to.

  • If it is the only content portlet on the page, go to Page Options > Check-out and Edit Page in the black toolbar
  • Turn on Design Mode (click the red circle in the black toolbar) and click the pencil on the portlet you want to edit.

Once you’re editing the portlet, go to the area in the text where you would like to insert the document.

Insert and select link text

Type the descriptive text that will link to the document.

  • The link text should include a name or description of the document.
  • Make it clear a link is going to download a PDF.
  • Example: “Download a PDF of the Impact Fee Procedures Manual.”

Note: The surrounding text should offer additional context – what is the document and why would I need to download it? Avoid long lists of documents with vague names and little context. If you have a lot of related documents, you may want to use a Document Container portlet

Highlight the text you want to link to the document. Click the Document Manager icon (piece of paper with a paperclip).

Highlight text and click Document Manager Icon


Upload the document

Navigate to the appropriate folder to upload your document. Each page with documents should have its own folder. This folder should be in the appropriate department/division folder.

  • A document used on Animal Services’ “Adopt a Pet” page would be stored under Public Safety/Animal Services/Adopt a Pet.

You will likely need to create a new folder. Click the New Folder icon.

Once you are in the right folder, click the +Upload button.

How to add a new folder and upload a document

Click the Select button to browse your computer for the file you want to upload. Once you've selected the file, it will show up in the window. Click Upload once the circle next to it turns green. 

Upload a document

The right side of the Document Manger window will now show a few fields. Fill out the fields as follows:

  • Link Text - This should be the text you highlighted. This is what will show up in the copy of the page as a link to the document.
  • Target - Select New Window from the dropdown.
  • Tooltip - Brief description of the file
  • CSS Class - Do not change.

Click Insert and your document is now linked on your page.

Fields to add a document