When will my debris be collected?

Collections have begun throughout the County. Rather than start in the north and move south, trucks can be found in portions of Northwest Bradenton, Parrish, Lakewood Ranch and Myakka all at the same time. 

Who collects debris from businesses and community common areas

FEMA regulations do not allow for the collection of debris from non-residential properties. This includes common areas such as parks, community buildings and medians in neighborhoods. 

The cleanup and removal of debris is the responsibility of the property owner. The owner should contact their insurance company to determine the appropriate actions to take if covered under the policy. 

Why wasn't my debris collected?

The most common reason for debris not to be collected is that it was mixed with items that cannot be accepted with the vegetative (yard) debris. Wood fencing cannot be put with the yard debris as it is pressure treated and has to be processed differently. Piles should be appropriately separated.

Another reason may be that the pile was blocked by a vehicle, was under low trees or power lines, or was too close or on a hydrant, backflow or mailbox.  Trucks are tall and use claws to pick up the piles and there has to be enough room for the equipment. 

What if I have too much debris to get to the curb by the time trucks come?

Residents should keep working to have their debris out for collection as quickly as they can. A deadline for having items at the curb was November 9th. We understand that some residents were impacted more than others and that not everyone will be able to complete the work at the same rate. As long as your debris is at the curb by the deadline, it will be collected. 

Locations where debris has been collected

This map shows all the locations where debris has already been collected (as of November 28, 2022).
These areas will have debris collected again from the date of the deadline (November 9) to get debris to your curb. Your pickup can take up until late December, depending on the haulers' daily schedules.

As of November 28, 645,765 cubic yards have been collected.

                                   Debris pickup                                                


*****The red dots are actual truck locations - this is a snapshot and not realtime


Debris collections have begun! 


  • Debris must be storm related.
  • Loose debris placed at the curb will be collected by debris contractors in special trucks.
  • Debris MUST be separated.
  • Debris collectors will NOT collect debris in bags.
  • Debris collectors will NOT collect fencing mixed in with the vegetative debris.
  • DO NOT USE RECYCLING CART FOR DEBRIS—it will not be collected.
  • Residents cannot take debris to a debris staging site.
  • For disposal of damaged refrigerators and freezers from lack of power, please call customer service at (941) 792-8811 to arrange pickup.
Debris Separation


  • Garbage collection schedule is normal.
  • Recycling collections will resume the week of October 17. 
  • Yard waste will be collected on Wednesdays as usual if properly prepared (bagged, bundled or canned).
  • DO NOT USE RECYCLING CART FOR YARD WASTE – it will not be collected
  • Storm debris can be properly bundled as yard waste for collection on Wednesdays.
  • No loose debris will be collected by the haulers on Wednesdays as yard waste.


  • Residents can bring yard waste/debris to the landfill for disposal at no charge through October 17 (fees will resume October 18).
  • Commercial disposal is not free of charge. This includes landscaping and lawn care companies who haul residential debris.
  • Hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Monday through Saturday) through October 16. Beginning Monday, October 17, the hours will return to 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday.