CivicLive Website CMS User Guide


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Learn how to use CivicLive's SitePublish CMS to update the new Manatee County public website.

CivicLive has been making updates to their help center, and it is now searchable as well. Click the question mark in the CMS toolbar (you'll see it on all the pages you have access to) to browse the help center.

Announcement: Try out the new "Page Preview" Feature

Did you notice a new button in your toolbar? The new Page Preview Mode allows you to view and interact with your page in table and mobile views. (You can even click the "Rotate" button to see how it will look in landscape vs. portrait mode.)

Screenshot of Page Preview mode

This is a fantastic new feature that we encourage you to use anytime you create or edit a page. Don't just quickly skim through the page, take the time to interact with it as well. (This is still better tested on your actual phone.)

Even on our current/old website, which is not mobile responsive, 45% of the public visitors to the site come on mobile and tablet devices. Let's make their future experiences the best they can be by testing our pages in these views. 

Basic Training Webinar

Need to brush up on the basics of our new Content Management System? Watch a pre-recorded webinar of basic training. View more training videos here. (Must be logged into a Manatee County Office365 account.)