Manatee County Live Weather Stations

Image Manatee County Live Weather Stations

Live local weather conditions delivered via WeatherBug's professional-grade weather stations that are installed throughout Manatee County.

WeatherBug is is an external service and not maintained by Manatee County Government. WeatherBug started in the education market by pioneering a program which installed professional-grade weather stations at schools then networked them together. There are 8,000 WeatherBug Tracking Stations and more than 1,000 cameras primarily based at neighborhood schools and public safety facilities across the U.S., WeatherBug maintains the largest exclusive weather network in the world. The live local weather conditions are delivered to millions of consumers via the Internet and mobile devices, to more than 100 state and local government agencies including the National Weather Service, and to broadcast television stations, schools, and businesses. WeatherBug’s data is unique in that it is the only live neighborhood weather available anywhere.

Manatee County Emergency Management at the Public Safety Center



Anna Maria Elementary



Bayshore Elementary



Myakka Elementary



Palmetto High



Tillman Elementary