Owner Resources

Additional Info and Resources
Having trouble feeding your pet? Visit and inquire about the “Pet Food Pantry” program.
Pet friendly listings: Click Here!  (courtesy of Humane Society of Manatee County)
For pet emergencies:

Animal ER of University Park: 941-363-1964
8237 Cooper Creek Blvd. in University Park
Bradenton Vet Emergency: 941-209-5358
2910 Manatee Ave. W in Bradenton
Veterinary Emergency Center: 941-896-9420
3915 Cortez Rd. in Bradenton

Vet Care Express: Animal Ambulance and Transport: 941-592-5131
Surrendering your pet
Please consider every available alternative to surrendering your pet to a shelter before you schedule an appointment for surrender. We make no guarantees about adoption placement.

What to expect when surrendering

It is likely we will not be able to take your pet immediately. If we have space available in our shelter, we will schedule a time for you to come in. If there are no openings, you will be placed on our waiting list and will receive a call for an appointment when a space becomes available. Exceptions will be made in certain circumstances. For questions please call 941-742-5933
What to bring with you
  • All veterinary records
  • Your pet's medications
  • Special food or treats that your pet needs
  • Your pet's bed, toys, leash and other belongings from home
  • Your pet's crate or carrier
  • Your surrender fee in the form of cash, Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express.
  • No checks please

Surrender Fees

$ 20- cat, dog, or litter of puppies/kittens
For everyone's safety, all dogs must be leashed and all cats must be in a carrier or box.

When you arrive

Your cat will be tested for feline AIDS and leukemia, or your dog over 6 months of age will be tested for heartworms.
A staff member will evaluate the temperament of your animal. 
We make no guarantees about adoption placement of any animal.