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The restoration of Perico Preserve is a story of transformation. The land has undergone significant changes from its original acquired state of farmland to the beautiful mix of habitats we see today. Featured at this site are the coastal wetlands expected in this area as well as carefully planned scrub hills and upland areas that hearken back to historical coastal Manatee County.

The Science of Change

In order to create a preserve, a great deal of research, planning, and scientific study is necessary. Our Environmental Specialists worked hard to establish the 176 acre property, designing a site that would appeal to a highly diverse variety of wildlife and plant species. After opening, Perico Preserve will continue to host projects on the cutting edge land management with projects such as the seagrass lagoon, shorebird nesting island, and waif gopher tortoise relocation habitat. By initiating these types of programs, the restoration work at the site continues on long after the last bulldozer leaves the site, insuring an ongoing legacy of conservation for the community.



Up Close and In Harmony with Wildlife

Perico Preserve offers a unique experience to get close to wildlife while doing so in a way that does not startle or impact the native creatures’ behavior. The County’s first site to offer a bird blind, the entire preserve has been planned to allow visitors with the opportunity to view, photograph, and move alongside birds and other animals while preserving their natural habitat. Nearly 1.5 miles of winding trails take visitors through forested hammock, uplands scrub, and both fresh and saltwater marshes. Along the way, visitors will find benches, overlooks, bridges, and even swings to allow for relaxing opportunities to connect with nature.


Park the Bikes and Leave the Dogs at Home

As the first preserve of its kind to be fully conceptualized as a bird sanctuary, this unique designation requires a slight adjustment for visitors. While dogs are welcome at many of our other sites, we ask that visitors leave the furry friends, with the exception of service dogs, at home when visiting Perico in order to provide the birds and wildlife with the greatest chance of success in breeding and rearing their young. Similarly, bikes will only be allowed on designated trails within the preserve. At key points, we ask that visitors leave their bikes behind to travel forth on foot, allowing the resident wildlife to maintain their natural behavior. By limiting this use of the site, visitors and wildlife alike will have a distinctly different experience than that enjoyed at our higher use locations.


Things to Do

 Perico Preserve includes the following opportunities:

  • Hiking
  • Biking (on some trails)
  • Bird Watching


Driving Directions

Perico Preserve is located at 11700 Manatee Ave W, Bradenton, FL 34209

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Contact Information and Hours of Operation

Perico Preserve is open sunrise to sunset.


For more information:
Phone: (941)742-5923