Evacuation Levels

Locate the storm evacuation level of your home or business located within Manatee County.

Evacuation Level Map

Find your evacuation zone on our Learn Your Level interactive map, or use our Resident Information Tool to find your evacuation level, nearest emergency shelters, and more.

About Evacuation Levels

Levels are classified using letters A through E. Areas not within a hurricane evacuation level declared "outside of the evacuation area" or N/A. Evacuation levels are not the same as flood zones and do not correlate to the category of a hurricane. 

Evacuation Level A is considered to be "lower" than Evacuation Level E. Level A residents will be evacuated first. If your property lies within two different levels, you should evacuate with the lowest level.

All residents and visitors in mobile homes, manufactured homes, RVs or travel trailers must evacuate when hurricane evacuation Level A is issued, regardless of where you're located.

Evacuation Level Potential Surge Inundation
A (red) 11 feet
B (orange) 14 feet
C (yellow) 18 feet
D (green) 27 feet
E (purple) 33 feet

Hurricane evacuation levels are based on hypothetical storm scenarios, factoring in atmospheric pressure, size, speed, and track to determine the potential storm surge for the location. Hurricane levels represent the potential height of salt water inundation from storm surge (not freshwater or rainfall flooding).

Evacuation levels change as new data becomes available and as the coastline changes, so you should check your level ever year.

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