Lincoln Splash Pad

lincoln splash pad


Lincoln Park
715 17th Street East
Palmetto, Florida 34221
(941) 742-5923 

The Lincoln Splash Pad is available, free of charge, to the public.  This facility has 8 upright features and 13 ground sprayers.  Restrooms and picnic tables are available in the park area.  A Splash Pad Attendant is on duty during all hours of operation to ensure public safety.


Each patron entering will be required to have their temperature checked by a lifeguard.


  • CLOSED for season will reopen summer 2021

Splash Pad

  • Every 45-minutes, at the top of the hour, 10 patrons will be allowed in the Splash Pad area at one time, first-come first-serve. This number includes children and adults.
  • We ask that patrons NOT congregate under the pavilion and respect the social distancing guidelines that have been put into place.
  • All patrons in the splash pad area will be asked to leave after 45-minutes and the gate will be closed for 15-minutes of cleaning time.



  • Children 10 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult, 18 years or older.
  • The facility may close for inclement weather.
  • Splash pad can not be rented or reserved.


What is the cost of using the Lincoln Park Splash Pad?

There is no entrance fee for the splash pad.

Can we rent out the splash pad?

No, the Lincoln Splash Pad is open to the public only and cannot be reserved for private use.

Can we reserve a picnic table at the splash pad?

The pavilion and picnic tables adjacent to the splash pad are able to be reserved ahead of time at by calling (941) 742-5923.  However, this does not include the splash pad.  Please inquire at time of rental that the splash pad will be operational.

Are there any rules to follow?

Yes, the Splash Pad Attendant on duty, will enforce all rules and regulations.  Several signs are located within the splash pad that indicates the most popular rules.  These include: No running, No horseplay, No food, drink, or smoking is allowed inside the splash pad area, No climbing on any of the spray features, Be respectful to others using the splash pad and OBEY the Splash Pad Attendant at all times.

Is there an age limit for using the splash pad?

No, there is no age limit.  However, children who are not toilet trained are required to wear swim diapers.

Are bathing suits required in the splash pad?

Proper swimming attire is required when visiting the splash pad.  Underwear, regular diapers, street shoes, jeans, and see through clothing are strictly prohibited.