Offender Work Program

This program will provide a sentencing alternative for offenders who could be given the option at the time of sentencing to perform various labor activities for the benefit of the community in lieu of incarceration at the Manatee County Jail. The program participant is paying his/her debt to society by working in Manatee County, thereby saving the taxpayer money. The Offender Work Program can be an extremely useful jail management tool.

Program Brochure

A printable brochure for the Offender Work Program contains:

  • Program Description
  • Program Objectives
  • How the Program Works
  • Bus Service to the Program
  • Contact Information
  • Map
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Offender Work Program Staff

Call (941) 748-4501 and Extension Listed Below
or email first name.last [email protected]

Name Ext
Rick Albrecht - Probation Officer
Richard Garst - Probation Officer
Jerome Waiters - Probation Officer