Planning, Development & Zoning


We disseminate and implement the comprehensive plan and land development regulations and provide a development process to serve the public.

How Will We Grow?

How Will We Grow will create a blueprint for how Manatee County will grow by the year 2035. Holistic process to include public input meetings, Land Development Code & Comprehensive Plan changes related to managing future growth in the community.


Port Manatee Encouragement Zone

The Port Manatee Encouragement Zone is a County initiative to facilitate a greater range of employment-based uses near Port Manatee and helps strengthen the economic health of Manatee County.

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Development Trends

Development Trends show how development has increased over the past several years and development maps display where future growth is occurring.

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Planning and Zoning

GIS Mapping

Look for the View GIS Map icon on the home screen. Then select Interactive Maps, then Land Development to launch the Interactive Map System.

Land Development Code and Comprehensive Plan

Select Government, then under the list of Departments select Building & Development Services. On the left side of the screen select Land Development Code & Regulations, then select the link for Manatee County Comprehensive Plan or Manatee County Land Development Code.

Zoning Ordinance Information and Rezone Maps

From Building & Development Services, on the left side of the screen select Planning Maps. Then look for the Approved Rezone Maps in the middle of the screen. Once selected you can zoom in to get the Zoning Ordinance number.

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Common Accessory Uses
and Structures

Fences and Walls
LDC Section 511.7

Home Occupations
LDC Section: 511.7

Storage Structures and Sheds
LDC Section: 511.15

Swimming Pools, Spas and
Screen Enclosures
LDC Section: 511.16

Standards For Specific Uses
LDC Section: 531


Standard Zoning District setback information can be found in Ch. 4 of the LDC, Table 4-4, 4-5, 4-6 4-7, 4-8 and 4-9.

Planned Development setback information can be obtained by contacting the Reviewer On-Call at 941-749-3070.


  1. To determine the zoning district access the GIS Mapping

  2. On the Tool tab enter the Address

  3. On the Data tab turn on the Zoning layer

For general information regarding permitted uses in Standard Zoning Districts see Ch. 4 of the LDC, Table 4-2 and 4-3

For permitted uses in Planned Developments view the Zoning Approval available at under Board Records.