Planning, Development & Zoning


We disseminate and implement the comprehensive plan and land development regulations and provide a development process to serve the public.

Development Approval Extension - Opioid Epidemic

As a result of Executive Orders 17-146, 17-177, 17-178, 17-230, 17-285, 17-329, 18-47, 18-110, 18-177, 18-235, 18-279, 18-362, and 19-36 (State of Emergency regarding Opioid Epidemic), applicants with valid development orders during the time of Executive Orders may apply for an extension to the expiration of said development order for a total of 700 days and six months. On this page is further information and required application information.

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How Will We Grow?

How Will We Grow will create a blueprint for how Manatee County will grow by the year 2035. Holistic process to include public input meetings, Land Development Code & Comprehensive Plan changes related to managing future growth in the community.

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Port Manatee Encouragement Zone

The Port Manatee Encouragement Zone is a County initiative to facilitate a greater range of employment-based uses near Port Manatee and helps strengthen the economic health of Manatee County.

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Development Trends

Development Trends show how development has increased over the past several years and development maps display where future growth is occurring.

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