State certified contractors licensed through the State of Florida have the option of registering their state certified license with us to work in unincorporated Manatee County, or if you need to apply for a Manatee County Local License, go to the Online Services Portal.

Manatee County does accept Reciprocity for the following licensed trades listed below:

  • Concrete
  • Mason
  • Masonry
  • Garage Door Installer
  • Journeyman (Electrical and Plumbing)

We do not Reciprocate Registered Contractors.

As a courtesy Fence and Tent installers can register in our system so permits can be applied for.

Occupational Licenses


Unincorporated Manatee County does not have a "Local Business Tax Receipt" (previously known as "Occupational License"), nor do we anticipate a requirement for them in the near future. This is not to be confused with the construction contractor licensing, which is a requirement by the State of Florida (FSS, Chapter 489).

Contractor Licensing Contact Information

For questions regarding licensing or registering your license in Manatee County, please contact our Licensing Division.

Licensing Division
(941) 748-4501, ext. 3574
Fax: (941) 742-5887
Email: [email protected]