Building and Permitting


On the following pages you will find information about the various Building and Permitting services that Manatee County offers. This page offers instructions on how to use our Selectron / Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS). 

Please see below for documents associated with Permitting and Inspections within the County.

Online Services Portal

Building & Development Review Fees

Fee Schedule for Building and Development Review fees.
   Note: Flood forms will still need to be submitted.

Building and Permitting Applications and Forms

Managing Your Inspections

Use our phone system to check your permit plans review, pay fees, schedule, cancel and get inspection results. See instructions and inspection codes list below.
Schedule An Inspection

To schedule or cancel an inspection you may either do so through Online Services or the IVR system. If you need to cancel an inspection on the day of the inspection you will need to contact the inspector directly.

Please note: You can cancel an inspection any time before 2:00 p.m. of the day before the inspection. After 2 p.m., you must call the assigned inspector directly.

Inspections via Automated Phone System

Selectron is an automated voice response system that allows citizens with a touch tone telephone to call the Manatee County Building Department.

Call (941) 749-3047. You will be prompted through the entire process.

Press (1) for English or Press (2) for Spanish. You may also press (7) to use Speech Recognition.
Press (1) to schedule an inspection.
Press (2) to cancel an inspection.
Press (3) to obtain inspection results or hear the assigned inspector.
Press (5) to listen to your permit's plan review information
Press (6) to request a copy of Certificate of Occupancy (C/O) or Certificate of Completion (C/C).

After you have scheduled the Inspection, you will be able to request an automated call back with inspection results after the inspection has been completed.

Please have your record number, including the prefix, available, as you will be prompted for this (example: BLD1803-1234, PLN1901-5678). It may also be helpful to know the inspection code that you are calling for. If you do not know your inspection code, please refer to your permit card. You will also be asked if you want to hear the entire list of inspections.

View further instructions for the automated phone system.

Inspections via Text Messaging

Building and Development Services also offers the option to manage your inspections via toll free text messaging.​

To get started, please send a text to (234) 980-3025. You will then be prompted to enter either Schedule, Cancel, Reschedule, and Results. As with the automated phone system, please have your record number and inspection code available, as you will be prompted to provide them.

Further information on managing your inspections via text messaging.

Expired Permits

Florida Building Code Section

If a new permit is not obtained within 180 days from the date the initial permit became null and void, the building official is authorized to require that any work which has been commenced or completed be removed from the building site. Alternately, a new permit may be issued on application, providing the work in place and required to complete the structure meets all applicable regulations in effect at the time the initial permit became null and void and any regulations which may have become effective between the date of expiration and the date of issuance of the new permit.

If your permit expires and becomes null and void you have the option to do one of the following:

  1. Obtain a demolition permit to remove all construction in connection with your expired permit from the building site.
  2. Resubmit documents for a new permit which comply with all codes, amendments, ordinances and regulations in effect from the time the permit expired until a new permit was issued and pay all appropriate fees.
  3. Submit application for an extension prior to expiration of your permit.