The ACE Mantra: Accountability, Civility and Ethics


Manatee County employees are constantly reminded of an organization-wide credo known as ACE: Accountability, Civility and Ethics. County Administrator Ed Hunzeker instituted a new emphasis on these important principles early in his tenure here.

The idea behind ACE goes, if we're all working in accordance with those principles, we are empowered to do almost anything. In fact, Mr. Hunzeker constantly refers to employee empowerment principles -- a powerful, easy-to-remember set of questions that each employee should ask himself or herself:

* Is it the right thing for the community?
* It is the right thing for Manatee County?
* Is it ethical and legal?
* Is it something you are willing to be accountable for?
* Is it consistent with the Department's values and policies?

If the answer is yes to all of these questions, the employees shouldn’t have to ask for permission before acting. They should “JUST DO IT!"