Environmental Lands Management and Acquisition Advisory Committee


Established by the County Commission in 1993, ELMAC's general purpose is to advise the Commission on matters related to environmental land acquisition and management, and recreational planning and programming for acquired lands, and to serve as the Tree Advisory Board to promote awareness of the County-wide tree canopy and tree education programs.
Specific tasks include:
  • Identifying and evaluating undeveloped land adjacent to bays, rivers, lakes, the Gulf of Mexico, etc. for acquisition as public passive recreation areas.
  • Developing a county-wide inventory of environmentally sensitive lands.
  • Devising a methodology by which a priority ranking may be assigned to the County's environmentally sensitive lands for the purpose of acquisition.
  • Researching and evaluating potential acquisition funding mechanisms.
  • Assisting staff in developing management plans for lands that the County has acquired/is planning to acquire.
  • Assisting in lobbying efforts at the State level to secure sources of State funding for environmental land purchases and planning.
  • Researching other jurisdiction's environmental lands acquisition and management programs.
  • Serving as the Tree Advisory Board.

Work Plan serving as Tree Advisory Board

  • Submit Tree City USA application
  • Coordinate future Arbor Day Observance and Proclamation with County departments
  • Work with Keep Manatee Beautiful in their Adopt-A-Spot Program where private sector donates trees and maintains donated trees
  • Conduct County-wide Tree Canopy Analysis using grant applied for by Keep Manatee Beautiful

Membership Requirements

The Committee will consist of fifteen (15) members, from the following groups or affiliations:

  • One member from the Florida Engineering Society;
  • Two members schooled in a natural science: ecology, biology, botany, etc.;
  • One member with background or education in active outdoor sports;
  • One member from a local environmental group (general environmental activism);
  • One member of the Chamber of Commerce's Environmental Committee;
  • Six year round residents of Manatee County;
  • One of whom shall be a resident of one of the communities on Anna Maria Island or Longboat Key;
  • One representative/employee of the School Board;
  • One member with background/education in banking, finance or real estate;
  • One representative from the agricultural community;
  • Terms of service shall be for one (1) year.


The Advisory Board application must be submitted for the applicant to be considered for appointment. The application is available for downloading on the upper right side of this page.


For more information contact Charlie Hunsicker, Director, Parks and Natural Resources, at 941-745-3727 or email charlie.hunsicker@mymanatee.org.



Bimonthly meetings are held at 6:00 p.m. in the BCC Chambers located on the first floor of the Manatee County Administration Center, 1112 Manatee Ave West, Bradenton, FL 34205.



Name Term Expires Seat
 Patrick Healy  6/02/2017  Florida Engineering Society
 VACANT    Schooled in natural science
 Scott Tussing  3/11/2016  Education in active outdoor sports
 Ingrid McClellan  6/02/2018  Environmental group
 Mike Burton  6/02/2018  Chamber of Commerce Environ. Committee
 Brad Hawkins  3/11/2016  Banking, finance or real estate
 Jim Parks  6/2/2018  Agricultural community
 Richard Smith  8/11/2017  Manatee County School District
 John McDonald  6/2/2018  Member At-large
 James Nicholson  8/11/2016  Member At-large
 Charles Richards  8/11/2016  Member At-large
 William Webster  6/02/2018  Member At-large
 Deborah Wentworth Lansing  6/02/2016  Member At-large
 David Landers 12/15/2016  Member At-large
Tim Polk  7/26/2017  Member At-large


Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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