Commercial Recycling

Image Commercial Recycling

Over 75% of what is being thrown away at work in Manatee County could be recycled!
Half of the garbage in most cities is created by the commercial sector. This includes businesses, hotels, hospitals, and apartment complexes. Reducing this waste not only helps the environment, but can also result in cost savings. Garbage service can cost a business thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars each that literally goes right to the dump!

Commercial Recycling in Manatee County

Image Commercial Recycling in Manatee County

There are a number of practices that businesses and institutions can adopt to reduce the amount of waste they throw away, helping their bottom line in the process, saving your business money! Let us help you get started.


In Manatee County, commercial recycling is an open market. This means that businesses may select their recycling vendor, not assigned a hauler. All recycling vendors have different services and prices, and it is best to call around and choose a company that works best for your business, giving you the best service and the best rate.


Below, we provide a list of recycling companies and vendors that service our area, as well as useful tips and information to help implement a recycling program with your business!  With commercial recycling there is a fee, but if recycling can reduce your garbage bill, it will result in your business saving money!


Technical and practical assistance is also available to businesses that would like to start a recycling program or need help expanding an existing program.   A recycling specialist will visit a work site to help start a program, as well as provide commercial recycling guides, information on local recycling companies, markets, and access to other resources.