Online bill pay through your financial institution e-Bill FAQs

  • Mar 1, 2013
Image e-Bill FAQs

What is e-Bill and what can I control?

E-Bill is an electronic version of your paper bill sent to your financial institution that you can view and pay online. With e-Bill, you stay in complete control. You decide when a bill is paid, how much to pay, which bank account to use, and can access the service at your convenience. You can even print e-Bills for your files if you desire.   

How much does e-Bill cost?

Manatee County does not charge for e-Bill and most financial institutions offer the service free of charge.

How do I enroll in e-Bill?

Enroll at one of the many financial institutions that offer e-Bill. Please be aware that you must have a current phone number that is associated with your utilities account in order to sign up for e-Bill.  You may update your associated phone number by calling Utilities Customer Service at 941-792-8811 or please click on the following link to update your phone number.
 Click here to determine if your financial institution participates.


Is my e-Bill updated throughout the month?

No, the e-Bill is your monthly billing statement presented online, like the billing statement you currently receive in the mail.  Any payments or purchases made during the month will not be reflected until the next statement is sent.

Will I continue to receive my paper bill?

Once your e-Bill request is approved, you will have the advantage of paperless billing within two billing cycles. You may view your e-Bills online and print e-Bills for your records. This provides you the control and option for both electronic and paper copies. Online e-Bills will be available for 1 month. Previous statements can be viewed through our Online Account Maintenance site.

Can I cancel e-Bill?

Yes, you may request to cancel your e-Bill at any time.

What if I am already enrolled in an automatic payment program?

You will need to make sure that any other automatic payment method has been cancelled. Failure to do so may result in duplicate payments being made.