Report Roadway & Traffic Issues

Image Report Roadway & Traffic Issues

Commonly requested information regarding roadways such ask, closures, roadway repairs, paving questions, etc.

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This includes sidewalk problems, bridge maintenance, drainage problems, traffic signal issues, pothole repairs, tree removal, mowing requests, and more.

See below for additional information and contact methods for common issues.


Request No Parking Sign


The posting of "No Parking" signs on a Manatee County roadway requires the adoption of an ordinance to that effect by the Board of County Commissioners (BCC).  In order to avoid neighborhood disputes, a petition signed by at least 67% of the abutting property owners is required before the Board of County Commissioners will consider requests of this nature.  A blank petition form supporting the request for "No Parking" signs can be  used in obtaining the necessary signatures.


Please return the completed petition form to the Traffic Operations Division, 1022 26th Avenue East, Bradenton, Florida 34208.  An agenda package will then be prepared for the public hearing by the BCC.  Traffic Ordinances are heard quarterly and advertised in a local newspaper.  Comments from the public will be accepted prior to consideration of the ordinance.


If you have questions regarding this matter, please contact Mary Moeller at (941) 708-7450 ext. 7283.


Right-of-Way Dumping & Debris

Dumping in Manatee County's Right-of-Way is a nuisance to all. The Manatee County Field Maintenance Division is diligent in their efforts to remove this debris as quickly as possible. If you are aware of such a problem, please call us at (941) 708-7497.


Road Closures

Check the status of road closures in Manatee County.


Road Grading Schedule

Weather Permitting, road grading will be performed on the following schedule. 


East County

r more information, please call 941-708-7497.
  • Ogleby Creek Road area
  • CR675
  • Verna Bethany Road area
  • Verna Bethany Rd. area continued
  • CR675 continued / Saddlehorn Sub. area
  • SR 64 going east continued / Logue Road
  • Taylor Road
  • Ballard Road
  • Manatee Avenue East of School
  • Curtis Road
  • Harrison Road
  • Coker Gully
  • Rex Rode Road
  • River Road
  • A.D. Taylor Road


North County

r more information, please call 941-708-7497.
  • Duette Area
  • Palmetto Area
  • Duette Area Continued
  • Terra Ceia Area
  • Duette Area Completed
  • Parrish Area


Road Resurfacing & Paving

Image Road Resurfacing & Paving
road paving

Manatee County paved roads are selected for resurfacing using the following criteria, safety, road condition, drainage, usage and cost effectiveness.  Currently the Public Works Department is in the process of updating our road condition surveys and this condition survey will be one tool used in selecting future resurfacing projects.  If you have a question concerning future resurfacing plans or a question concerning your street, please contact Brian Martineau at (941) 708-7450 ext 7243 or email at


Interested in getting your road paved?

Manatee County has a program where, via their tax bills, the residents pay for improvements to public roads.  This program is known as the Assessment Program.  Other areas this program covers include reclaimed water, sewer, and streetlighting.  Click for more information on getting your road paved, or contact Sherri Robinson at 941-708-7450 Ext. 7334 or 


Roadway Repairs

Image Roadway Repairs

Repairs to the Manatee County Public roadway system are divided into two divisions of Public Works, Field Maintenance, and Traffic Operations.


The Field Maintenance Division can be reached at (941) 708-7497 and is responsible for services such as:

  • Potholes
  • Visibility issues from vegetation
  • Guardrail replacement
  • Grading of Shell Roads (Manatee County's road grading schedule)

Complete listing of the Field Maintenance Division duties.



The Traffic Operations Division can be reached at (941) 708-7510 and is responsible for services such as:

  • Traffic Signals
  • School Flashers
  • Traffic Signs
  • Roadway Lighting
  • Pavement Marking

Complete listing of the Traffic Operations Division duties.


To reach us after hours, call the Manatee County Citizen's Action Center (CAC) at (941) 747-4357. 



To report a sinkhole please call Manatee County's Field Maintenance Division at (941) 708-7497


Traffic Calming

Traffic Calming is simply the modification of a roadway to discourage cut-through traffic on local residential streets.  It is seen as a long-term goal to redirect traffic to more efficient thoroughfares, allowing neighborhoods to maintain their residential character.


Roadway modifications may include, but not be limited to, speed tables, roundabouts, rumble strips, diagonal diverters, modified intersections and/or a combination of two or more treatments.  Traffic Engineering also utilizes a speed monitor board, which is an effective, temporary device to warn motorists of their existing speed.


The methodology in requesting traffic calming measures was developed in a Work Session with the Manatee County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) on January 30, 2001. The first step involves the formation of a working group to identify a need for traffic calming in the Study Area. This step must be taken prior to any further action by the Traffic Engineering Division. 

Once a working group is established by your community, either by your Homeowner's Association or your local group, please e-mail with this information, or call 941-749-3500, Ext. 7815.


If you would like to view the full procedure process, please click on  Procedures for Requesting Traffic Calming.


Tree Removal and Vegetation Issues

Image Tree Removal and Vegetation Issues

Manatee County's Field Maintenance Division mowed approximately 7,250 acres of Right-Of-Way (ROW) last year. Field Maintenance handles more than just mowing however.  To report other issues on public roads such as vegetation blocking the road signs, downed trees, etc, call (941) 708-7497.