Working with its citizens to make the American dream of homeowner ship become a reality.

Manatee County Government continues to demonstrate its commitment to the housing needs of county residents through the establishment of the Manatee County Local Housing Assistance Plan. It is through this plan that the county seeks to meet the affordable housing needs of its citizens by developing key housing partnerships among public, private and non-profit agencies.

Housing Rehabilitation

Money stretched tight and you just cannot pay for those needed repairs to bring your house up to code? Find out how the Affordable Housing Program can help with your repairs. Eligible Very Low, Low, and Moderate Income applicants can apply for funding assistance to meet the costs of needed repairs. read on Housing Rehabilitation

Housing Replacement

Is your home beyond repair, on the verge of coming down like a house of cards? Find out how Manatee County’s Affordable Housing program can help you replace it with a new home. Eligible Very Low and Low income applicants can apply for funding assistance in the replacement of their unsafe home. read on Housing Replacement

Foreclosure Information

Due to the startling foreclosure numbers, the mission of the Foreclosure Assistance & Prevention Network (SAVE Network) is to help residents who face the possibility of foreclosure or those residents who are going through the process of foreclosure by providing them with important resources they can turn to, to either prevent foreclosure altogether or at least mitigate the losses. read on Foreclosure Information