New High Resolution Imagery

  • Apr 10, 2015

Manatee County recently took delivery of Pictometry imagery for 2015 which was captured between December 25th 2014 and Jan 23rd 2015. The 2015 imagery was acquired by our Property Appraiser and this year they've opted for increased resolution imagery. The 2015 imagery was processed to a resolution of 4" per pixel in the urbanized sections of the county, from the west coast to about Lorraine Road. The more rural areas from Lorraine Road to the east boundary were processed to a resolution of 9" per pixel.

Why Pictometry

Oblique vs Ortho photos
Oblique vs Ortho photos

In 2010 the Florida Department of Revenue has allowed for the use of certain types of imagery technology to be utilized in the appraisal process and one of these technologies is oblique imagery.  Pictometry is the nation's leading provider of oblique imagery.  Oblique imagery is aerial photography that is captured at approximately a 45 degree angle to the ground and this angle allows viewers to see and measure not only the top of objects but the sides as well.  The advantage that oblique imagery provides the PAO is another tool which can be used in the process of appraising Real property.  Pictometry's imagery is processed in such a way that it allows for fairly accurate measurements to be taken of features within the imagery.  For example one can measure wall heights, distances, areas and even angles so Pictometry provides the ability to conduct all weather appraisals, it also offers the opportunity to reduce the number of vehicles and personnel in the field there by reducing liability.  The Pictometry imagery is backed by a surveyor's report so that the imagery and the measurements taken from it can be relied upon and will even hold up to legal scrutiny.



How do I access Pictometry?

We have embedded Pictometry in all of our mobile map viewer applications.  Look for the "P", the Pictometry logo, in the upper right hand corner of the map screen, that will open a Pictometry viewer within the mobile map viewer.  The two are tied together so as you pan and zoom in Pictometry the map viewer also will pan and zoom to those same locations. Unfortunately our license with Pictometry does not allow us to offer the measurement tools to the public, but you can still view the imagery.