Major Approved LDC Updates

  • Feb 20, 2015


Manatee County now has an Updated and Reorganized Land Development Code (LDC) which became effective on June 9, 2015. The former LDC is no longer in effect and has been repealed and replaced with the Amended and Restated Land Development Code (Ordinance 15-17).

Ordinance 15-17 and other recent amendments (including Urban Corridors - Ord. 16-06 and County Wide Amendments - Ord. 16-24) are provided on the Municode Website.


Ordinance 15-17 – Amended and Restated Land Development Code. Effective as of June 9, 2015.

An Index referencing the old LDC Sections with the new LDC Sections is provided to help assist in locating sections within in the Amended and Restated Code.


Index – Old vs. New Numbering


To assist you in the review of the prior Code verse the Amended and Restated Code is each individual chapter in strike-thru/underline with comments as to why a particular section was changed.



 As part of the reorganization of the Code, language not specifically zoning or land use related was moved to either a Public Works Standards Manual or a Property Maintenance Ordinance.  Both the Manual and Ordinance are now effective.






If there are any questions, please contact or by phone at (941)-748-4501, ext. 6884.