Open Expired Instructions

  • Mar 1, 2011

If you received an open/expired letter from our office please read the following instructions on how to close out the permit(s).

Open Expired Permit Instructions

Please print these instructions to follow:


1) Copy and paste the following URL:


2) At the top of the screen click on the Permit Search tab


3) Type in the Permit Number (you may also search by parcel number, address or owner's name)


4) Scroll to bottom of page and click Submit


5) Click on the permit number


6) On the left side of the screen click on Certification. This will show if there are any Current Holds that need to be released and if you scroll to bottom of page it also shows if there is any Permit Fees that are due.


7) On the left side of the screen click on Inspection. This will show the inspection history.


If you have any questions please contact our office at 941-748-4501 ext. 3874 for Ardath Melton or ext. 3875 for Hildy Voorhees.