14th Street West Community Redevelopment Area

Image 14th Street West Community Redevelopment Area

The Board of County Commissioners established the Manatee County Community Redevelopment Agency and the 14th Street West CRA in 2002. These were dissolved in 2013, replaced by the larger Southwest County Improvement District. Information and links on these pages are maintained for reference purposes.

Goals and Objectives of the 14th Street West Redevelopment Plan

  • Enhance Community Policing and Reduce Crime  
  • Additional Code Enforcement
  • Better Trash/Waste Removal
  • Economic Development
  • Improve Transportation and Sidewalk Network
  • Improve Community Identity
  • Address Drainage Problem Areas
  • Improve Street Lighting
  • Enhance Aesthetics of Area



Where Can I Get a Copy of the Redevelopment Plan?