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September 3, 2015 - Land Use Meeting
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Contract No. 15-1845MD: Voter Tabulation System and Services Agreement


Contact and/or Presenter Information
Michael Bennett, Supervisor of Elections, 941-741-3823
Melissa M. Wendel, CPPO,  Purchasing Official, Financial Management Department, Purchasing Division, 941-749-3014

Action Requested

Authorization to award  RFP# 15-1845MD, Voter Tabulation System and Services, to Election Systems & Software, LLC, Omaha, NE for a total award of $1,003,782.68 and to request the County Administrator, or his designee, to execute the Agreement.

Enabling/Regulating Authority

Florida State Statute 101.5604


Background Discussion

Manatee County, acting on behalf of the Supervisor of Elections, solicited proposals to furnish and install a voting tabulation system complete with all hardware, software, training and support services as certified by the State of Florida Division of Elections in accordance with Florida State Statute 101.015.

The RFP was solicited directly to the two (2) State of Florida pre-qualified vendors and was also posted on the Manatee County website. The following two (2) proposals were received:

 1)     Dominion Voting Systems - Denver, CO

 2)     Election Systems & Software, LLC - Omaha, NE

Scott Farrington, Assistant Supervisor - Manatee County Supervisor of Elections Office

Suzie McGuire - Business Services Manager, Information Technology Department

Frank Lambertson - Contracts Negotiator, Financial Management Department, Committee Chair

The Evaluation Committee convened to review evaluation committee responsibilities, Florida Sunshine law requirements for public meetings, and to discuss the offers based on the stated requirements in the RFP.  Through the acquisition process, the Committee determined a recommendation to the County Administrator for the vendor with whom negotiations should commence.

Both firms proposed a system that has been certified by the State of Florida and costs were similar in comparison.

Election Systems & Software, LLC (“ES&S”) demonstrated exceptional qualifications via their proposal and has provided tabulation systems to many large sized counties in Florida including Pinellas, Orange, Miami-Dade, Duval, and Broward Counties.

The ES&S proposed system includes, the DS200 precinct-based digital scanner, DS850 central scanner, AutoMark visual assistance terminal and the ElectionWare election management software, providing a solution allowing the Supervisor of Elections to manage all aspects of an election.  The equipment has a smaller foot print, making it easier for poll workers to learn how the system operates and be able to assist voters as needed during any Election Day.

The Evaluation Committee preferred the duration of work proposed by ES&S, including their implementation and training schedules which was clearly defined in their Scope of Service.  Additionally the proposed system is faster in the processing of the ballots as tabulation is performed.

Therefore, Election Systems & Software, LLC was ranked first by the Evaluation Committee based on the total system.

Dominion Voting Systems submitted a quality proposal detailing their qualifications and experience.  They have provided voting tabulation systems which are fully integrated solutions to their worldwide customers.

The Evaluation Committee spoke favorably of the tabulator audit trail and the electronic safeguards and security applications that was included as part of the system.   Also, the Committee considered how the firm clearly identified what staff the Supervisor of Elections would have to provide for a successful implementation and use of the voting tabulation system.

However, concerns expressed by the Committee included (i) the number of moving parts in the prescinct equipment creating a maintenance concern, (ii)  the proposed team of key personnel seemed to be the same individual with changing roles during installation, implementation and training efforts and (iii) Dominion’s project plan for implementation did not seem to reflect the same effort of manhours that were included in the cost section of their proposal.  

As a result, Dominion was ranked second by the Committee. 

The Evaluation Committee voted 3-0 to proceed with Election Systems & Software, LLC.

The agreement will be managed by the Manatee County Supervisor of Elections Office.



County Attorney Review
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The Office of the County Attorney has reviewed the agreement pursuant to RLS 15-222 and has found the proposed agreement legally sufficient and ready for approval. 

Reviewing Attorney

Instructions to Board Records
Original to Board Records

Copy of executed Agreement e-mailed to:


Cost and Funds Source Account Number and Name
Supervisor of Elections/001 0000801 56400 - Machinery & Equipment

Amount and Frequency of Recurring Costs
Post Warranty Maintenance Services @ $48,920.00 for two (2) years.

Attachment:  Manatee County FL Voter Tabulation System and Services Agreement Final (signed by ESS only) 8 24 15.pdf
Attachment:  SOERecommendation.pdf