Manatee County Government Administrative Center Honorable Patricia M. Glass Chambers, First Floor 9:00 a.m. - September 24, 2019
September 24, 2019 - Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #30

2020 Medical, Dental, and Retiree Premium Rates

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Kim Stroud-HR Director x3813

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Approve the 2020 premiums and cost sharing for the self funded and fully insured employer sponsored benefits, Exhibits A, B, and C.

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Background Discussion

Annually, in conjunction with the new budget, the County Commission establishes premium cost sharing rates for the self-funded health plan and the retiree health plan options as well as confirms the voluntary plan options available to employees and retirees. 

YourChoice Health Plan-Active Employee Medical

The recommendation is to not pass along a premium increase for Plan Year 2020. 

As the Board is aware, the YourChoice Health Plan has been a nationally recognized health plan for its innovation, financial cost containment, and promotion of preventative care since its inception in 2006.  For a period of 8 years, the plan experienced a negative trend while other employers were experiencing double digit cost increases.  The performance of the plan has helped to delay the impact of the rising costs of healthcare and pharmaceuticals.  We have experienced slight increases in the medical premium for the previous 3 years much related to high cost claimants and expensive specialty medications.  Two of the three years, the County absorbed the increase, including the current plan year; the Plan continues to be actuarially sound and it has been determined with the Financial Management Department to keep premiums flat for the 2020 plan year. 

Dental Coverage-Active and Retiree

The dental plan offered to employees and retirees is fully funded by the participants of the plan.  Due to the plan’s performance and projections for 2020, the premiums for the dental plan will remain stable for 2020. 

Vision Coverage

The County offers a fully insured vision plan for employees and the premium rates for that voluntary option are remaining stable for 2020.

Exhibit A is reflective of the recommended medical premiums for 2020 which reflect the cost sharing for employees and the employer.  Additionally, Exhibit A reflects the employee paid dental premiums, the fully insured vision plan premium,  as well as the employer paid flexible spending account and administrative fees and COBRA premiums for 2020. 

Prescription Coverage-Active and Retiree

The premium cost for the prescription coverage is included in the overall medical premium cost;  the benefit design (copays and coinsurance levels) for prescriptions will remain stable for 2020.  

Exhibit B outlines the prescription benefit design for 2020 (no change from 2019)

Medical Plan Options-Retiree

Eligible Retirees of Manatee County Government and participating constitutional agencies can participate in 2 different plan options based upon their age. 

The YourChoice Health Plan is an option for both under and over 65 Retirees, it offers the same coverage to retirees as it does for the active members of the plan; however, when in retiree status, the retiree pays a higher portion of the premium.  The premium rate is remaining flat for Plan Year 2020.  The only change in this retiree plan option is the decrease in the county subsidy offered for the retiree family tier.  For many years, the County only offered a subsidy for the retiree, not the family coverage.  As a result of the introduction of the 4 tiers in 2016, the County added in a subsidy to help mitigate the increase in the family tier for our retirees.  Since then, the intention has been to slowly return to a zero subsidy for the retiree family tier.  All other cost sharing remains consistent with 2019. 

Transamerica Medicare Supplement is an option for our post 65 retirees and is our plan offering that has the most enrollment as it is the most affordable for our over 65 retirees. Retirees in this fully-insured plan will experience a 1.5% increase in their premium as a result of Transamerica passing along an increase. 

Effective January 1, 2020, the County will no longer be participating with the individual retiree exchange option that has been available since 2015.  Despite its offering for the last 5 years, there was very little interest in this program overall and the administrative burdens and customer service complaints from the vendor did not support us continuing this offering as there was not a return on that investment.  

Exhibit C outlines the recommended 2020 Retiree Medical Premium options.

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