Manatee County Government Administrative Center Commission Chambers, First Floor 9:00 a.m. - September 14, 2017
September 14, 2017 - Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #36

Children's Services Advisory Board FY 17/18 Funding Recommendations

Briefing Provided Upon Request

Contact and/or Presenter Information
Cheri Coryea, Director
Neighborhood Services Department, x 3468
Allen Donahue, Human Services Manager
Neighborhood Services Department, x 3467

Action Requested
Approve Children's Services Advisory Board FY17/18 funding recommendations.

Enabling/Regulating Authority
Manatee County Code 2-2-251 through 2-2-259
Resolution R-90-169
Ordinances 91-42, 94-28, 97-30, 99-30

Background Discussion
The Children's Services Advisory Board (Advisory Board) recommended a budget of $13,608,756 for children's services, which included investing $11,742,903 in special projects and program services, and $1,325,853 for general program reserves.  

The investment goals and priorities were established by the Advisory Board for FY17/18 based on the ongoing and emerging needs of the children and families in our community. Priorities were identified through both the review and evaluation of risk factor and indicator data, and the consistent local issues brought forth by the members from their individual areas of expertise.

On May 30, 2017, the Advisory Board arrived at their final recommendations for investment of the Children's Services Dedicated Millage.  The Advisory Board reviewed and rated program proposals requesting a total of $14,633,073, which exceeded the funds available. The recommendations were decided considering multiple factors, including identified priorities.  In keeping with the newly adopted Results First philosophy, this year the board began the transition from that of funder to investor. With this increased emphasis on results, the investment recommendations did not mirror those of prior years in which it was customary to continue funding most, if not all, programs under contract to provide ongoing services.  Recommendations were made to invest in the desired level of results nonprofits have committed to achieve, especially in the established priority areas, and demonstrate high probability of success through best practice or evidence of recent achievement.

Children's Services Advisory Board - FY17/18 Recommendation Details:
During the Advisory Board's deliberations in May, investments were discussed and recommendations were as follows:

Special Initiative Programs:  includes 4 existing programs.  Of these 4 programs, 3 requested level funding and 1 requested a small increase.

Recommended to fund full amount requested for the following Special Initiative programs:
  • Child Welfare System Advocate, a position jointly funded with Sarasota County - $41,000
  • Exchange Club Family Partnership Center, Chosen Families (99.56) for 3rd year of a 4-year adoption preservation and support initiative (RFP) - $366,500
  • Centerstone of Florida, Baker Act Youth (92.99), County required to pay by Florida Statutes - $130,441
  • Manatee Children's Services, Child Advocacy Center (88.78), includes forensic medical exams for victims of child abuse/neglect, which county is required to pay per Florida Statutes - $775,000

Results First Prototype Programs:  includes 8 existing programs, which participated in the prototype group.  Of these 8 programs, 5 requested level funding and 3 requested an increase.

Recommended to maintain level funding for the following Results First Prototype programs:  
  • Exchange Club Family Partnership Center, Partners in Education and Support - $222,520
  • Foundation for Dreams, Dream Oaks Camp - $205,000
  • Hope Family Services, Children's Counseling - $231,315
  • Manatee Community Action Agency, Healthy Families Manatee - $218.750
  • Manatee Community Action Agency, Whole Child Manatee - $251,582
  • The D.L. Randall Foundation, An Uprising in the Village - $150,000

Recommended an increase in funding for the following Results First Prototype programs:

  • Early Learning Coalition, Early Care & Education - $2,260,143 (to reduce waiting list for subsidies)
  • The Family Network on Disabilities, Sarasota/Manatee Respite - $40,000 (to reduce wait list for services)

Programs Meeting an Identified CSAB Priority:  includes 9 existing and 3 new programs, which have committed to achieve specific results related to one or more identified priorities.  Scores ranged from 78.00 to 94.88

Recommended to fund full amount requested for the following new programs:  
  • Community Coalition for Children and Youth, APS (89.87) $75,000
  • Sarasota YMCA, Early Childhood Court (86.43) $329,287
  • Sarasota YMCA, Family Preservation & Reunification (86.10) $226,967

Recommended to maintain level funding for the following programs:

  • Feeding Empty Little Tummies, Weekend Meals (94.88) $100,000
  • Meals on Wheels Plus, Emergency Family & Baby Baskets (93.40) $33,385
  • Manatee County Girls Club, Girls Alternative Program for Success (90.41) $244,439
  • Manatee County Girls Club, GIRLS Stepping Up to Success (88.87) $858,047
  • The Myakka City Community Center, Morning/After School Care (87.86) $132,002
  • Manatee Community Action Agency, CATCH Speech/Language Evaluation & Therapy (87.39) $91,393
  • United Community Centers, Before & After School Enrichment Plus (83.22) $345,326
  • Palmetto Youth Center, Foundation for Excellence (82.21) $282,565
  • Community Haven, Selby Therapists & Behaviorist (78.00) $6,804

All Other Programs Considered:  This includes 31 existing programs and 5 new programs.

Recommended an increase in funding for the following programs:
  • Manatee Children's Services, Residential Programs (95.34) $200,000 (increased staff)
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters, One to One Mentoring (94.18) $45,000 (increase in services)
  • Easter Seals, Children's Therapy (88.22) $61,257 (additional services)
  • SMART, Therapeutic Horseback Riding (83.37) $13,500 (to reduce wait list for therapeutic services for special needs children)

Recommended to maintain level funding for the following programs:

  • Family Resources, Safe Place2B-Manatee (92.75) $60,000
  • Manatee Community Action Agency, Parents as Teachers (92.40) $100,000
  • Manatee Community Action Agency, Head Start/Early Head Start (91.72) $100,000
  • Pace Center for Girls, Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Project (90.46) $184,276
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Juvenile Justice Mentoring Initiative (90.93) $35,000
  • Manatee Community Action Agency, HIPPY (89.16) $179,825
  • Centerstone of Florida, Children's Community Action Team (87.71) $660,916
  • Centerstone of Florida, Rape Crisis Child Advocacy & Therapy (86.90) $99,747
  • Insight Counseling, SOAR Program (86.67) $85,720
  • Salvation Army, Women with Children's Shelter (86.19) $69,949
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Manatee, Great Futures Start Here (84.34) $610,000
  • Manatee Community Action Agency, Teaching Our Toddlers (83.91) $91,955
  • Family Resources, CERTAIN (82.82) $217,711
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Manatee, The Club-Teens Only (82.81) $194,508
  • Educational Consultants Consortium, Iron Sharpening Iron (81.30) $114,790
  • Family Network on Disabilities, Parent Mentoring and Support (80.33) $14,000
  • Easter Seals, Project Rainbow Respite (80.26) $48,000
  • Selah Freedom, My Life My Choice (78.52) $60,000
  • School District of Manatee County, ATOSS (78.43) $230,379
  • Tallevast Community Center, After-School Enhancement (73.36) $90,000
Recommended reduced funding for the following program:
  • School District of Manatee County, It's Your Choice (85.39) $201,000 (Teen pregnancy rate lower and program has difficulty gaining access to students) 

Recommended to fund new programs at the following amounts:

  • AMIkids Manatee, Inc., Manatee Prevention Program (88.62) $75,000 - (equals full amount requested)
  • Centerstone of Florida, Child Welfare Diversion (83.47) $282,904 - (equals 75% of amount requested)
Recommended no funding for the following new and existing programs:
  • Salvation Army, Social Services-Housing Stability (84.19) $0 (new program - no direct benefit to children)
  • Replay Outreach, Job Xceleration Program (80.09) $0
  • Palmetto Youth Center, Teen Hype (75.10) $0
  • Community Haven for Adults & Children, Transitions program (74.90) $0
  • Family Network on Disabilities, More Alike Than Different (74.90) $0
  • Family Network on Disabilities, Pediatric Enrichment Program (74.36) $0
  • United Community Centers, Big Dreams-Horizons (73.51) $0
  • Gulf Coast Legal Services, Children's Legal Advocacy Project (72.50) $0 (new program)
  • Take Stock in Children (65.79) $0 (new program)

County Attorney Review
Not Reviewed (No apparent legal issues)

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Children's Services Dedicated Millage 104.0015002

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