Manatee County Government Administrative Center
Commission Chambers, First Floor
9:00 a.m. - October 10, 2017

REVISION 2 - October 10, 2017 - Regular Meeting



MEETING CALLED TO ORDER (Betsy Benac, Chairman)
INVOCATION (The commission does not endorse the religious beliefs of any speaker.)
1. Invocation led by Pastor Scott Douglas, Emmanuel Baptist Church of Parrish

Items Scheduled for Time Certain

2. 10:00 A.M. - ITEM #49 - Municipal Service Taxing Unit (MSTU) Process for Acquisition of Property
3. 10:30 A.M. - ITEM #52 - Tampa Bay Area Regional Transit Authority (TBARTA) Presentation on Legislative Changes to TBARTA and Next Steps in the Development of a Regional Transit Development Plan
4. 11:00 A.M. - ITEM #48 - Housing Finance Authority Appointments
Changes to Agenda

56. Updates to Agenda
Attachment: 20171010 Update Memo.pdf

REQUEST BY COMMISSIONERS (Items to be pulled from Consent Agenda)

5. 2018 World Rowing Championship
Proclamations (Motion required to adopt proclamations)

6. White Cane Day - October 15, 2017
Attachment: White Cane Day Proclamation.pdf

7. Red Ribbon Week - October 23-31, 2017
Attachment: Red Ribbon Week Proclamation.pdf

8. Breast Cancer Awareness Month - October 2017
Attachment: Breast Cancer Awareness Month Proclamation.pdf

9. Domestic Violence Awareness Month - October 2017
Attachment: Domestic Violence Awareness Month Proclamation.pdf


10. Jones Potato Farms Wins 2017 Grower Achievement Award
11. Cliff Coddington - UF/IFAS Outstanding Agriculturalist Award

CITIZEN COMMENTS (Consideration for Future Agenda Items - 30-Minute Time Limit)
Each person will be limited to three (3) minutes. If the thirty (30) minute time period has been exhausted, the Board will entertain any remaining comments near the end of the meeting with the same three (3) minute per person time limitation.

12. Citizen Comments

CITIZEN COMMENTS (Consent Agenda Items Only)
Each person wishing to speak to Consent Agenda items will be limited to three (3) minutes per item; provided, however, that each person will be limited to speaking for a total of ten (10) minutes regardless of the number of items being discussed.

13. Citizen Comments

Clerk of Circuit Court

14. Clerk's Consent Agenda
Attachment: 20171010 Clerk's Consent Agenda.pdf
Attachment: September 2017 Warrants.pdf
Attachment: Minutes - 6-13-17 Budget.pdf
Attachment: Minutes - 9-18-17 Budget.pdf
Attachment: Minutes - 9-18-17 Sales Tax.pdf
Attachment: Refund - D R Horton.pdf
Attachment: Refund - Maronda.pdf
Attachment: Refund - Pulte Homes.pdf
Attachment: Refund - Rozalyn Charette.pdf
Attachment: Refund - Unique.pdf
Attachment: Partial Release of Lien.pdf
Attachment: Contract - ASCO Power Equipment.pdf
Attachment: Contract - Gator Dredging.pdf
Attachment: Contract - Granger.pdf
Attachment: Contract - Precision Roofing.pdf
Attachment: Report - Eagle Pointe CDD.pdf
Attachment: Report - Lexington CDD.pdf
Attachment: Report - South Manatee Fire.pdf
Attachment: Report - Trailer Estates.pdf


15. 2018 Board of County Commissioners Meeting Schedule
Attachment: 2018 BCC Meeting Schedule.pdf

16. Impact Fee Credit Authorization for Taylor Morrison of Florida, Inc./Esplanade at Lakewood Ranch - Construction of Rangeland Parkway CA-15-05(T)
Attachment: CA-15-05(T) Final Auth of Credit.pdf


17. Manatee County v. El Rancho Village, Inc, et al.; 44th Avenue East; eminent domain; Parcel 731 * D'Agostino
Attachment: Motion to Tax Non-Monetary Benefit Attorney's Fees.pdf
Attachment: El Rancho Offer.pdf

18. Mandarin Development, Inc.’s Offer of Judgment to Manatee County- Mandarin Development, Inc. v. Manatee County, Case No. 2015-CA-2563 * DeCarlo
19. Authorization for County Commissioner travel for 2017-2018 * Palmer
Attachment: Resolution R-17-122.pdf

Building and Development Services

20. Replat - Indigo Phase VI, Subphase 6B & 6C
Attachment: Application - Indigo PH VI - SP 6B & 6C.pdf
Attachment: Legal Documents - Indigo PH VI - SP 6B & 6C.pdf

21. Building Permit Fee Waiver due to Recognized Storm Event * Zamboni
Attachment: Resolution R-17-121.pdf
Attachment: Response Memo to CAO Matter No 2017-0517 dtd 10 6 17.pdf

Convention and Visitors Bureau

22. Florida Sports Foundation Grant Agreements
Attachment: FSF Grant Approval Letter.pdf
Attachment: FSF 2017 Eddie Herr Grant.pdf
Attachment: FSF 2017 US Soccer Boys Grant.pdf
Attachment: FSF 2017 US Soccer Girls Grant.pdf
Attachment: FSF 2017 US Super Y Grant.pdf
Attachment: B-18-008.pdf

23. Reimbursement Agreement for 2017 SandBlast Event
Attachment: 2017 SandBlast Agreement.pdf

24. Reimbursement Agreement for 2017 Symphony on the Sand Event
Attachment: 2017 Symphony on Sand Agreement.pdf

25. Resolution R-17-096 - Bad Debt Write Off
Attachment: resolution 17-096 .pdf

Financial Management

26. FY17 Budget Amendment Resolution
Attachment: B-17-076 Budget Resolution.pdf

27. FY18 Budget Amendment Resolution
Attachment: B-18-007 Budget Resolution.pdf

28. Amendment 8 to Agreement 11-1020FL, Professional Consulting Advertising Agency Services
Attachment: 11-1020FL Advertising Amendment 8 .pdf

29. Change Order No. Three (3) to Work Assignment 54 - Lake Manatee Dam Phase II Repairs, Master Agreement 11-1569BG Utilities Engineer of Record
Attachment: WA006387-CAROLLO _Memo.pdf
Attachment: WA006387-CAROLLO - Support.pdf

30. Change Order 9 to Agreement 13-2690JL for Accela Software Subscription & Professional Services
Attachment: R067496 - CO #9 to T1500160 - Drive to Live Detailed Information.pdf
Attachment: Dept Memo - Change Order 9 - Accela.pdf

53. Change Order 1 to Agreement No. 15-0020JE for Construction Management at Risk Services for Robinson Preserve
Attachment: WillisSmith.CO1.Robinson Preserve.pdf
Attachment: Budget Resolution B-17-078.pdf

54. Change Order 1 to Work Assignment 16-04 for Agreement 16-3214CD, Disaster Debris Management Support
Attachment: Department Memo - WA 16-04 Change Order 1.pdf
Attachment: WA16-04 Change Order 1.pdf
Attachment: Budget Resolution B-18-014.pdf

55. Work Assignment 1 to Agreement 14-0330FL for Debris Management Services and Emergency Response, Management and Recovery Services
Attachment: Department Memo - Work Assignment No. 1 - AshBritt, Inc..pdf
Attachment: AshBritt, Inc. Work Assignment 1 - 14-0330FL.pdf
Attachment: Budget Resolution B-18-013.pdf

Human Resources

31. 2018 Medical and Dental Premiums Active and Retiree-Employee Health Benefit
Attachment: Exhibit A-2018 Active Medical, Dental, Flex Cobra Premiums.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit B-2018 Prescription Benefit.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit C-2018 Retiree Premiums.pdf

Neighborhood Services

32. State Aid to Public Libraries Grant Acceptance
Attachment: State Aid to Libraries Grant Agreement FY2017-18.pdf
Attachment: Resolution R-17-119.pdf

33. Low Income Pool Budget Amendment
Attachment: B-18-011 FY18 LIP Funding Agreements.pdf

Parks and Natural Resources

34. Perico-Robinson Connector Project Contract * Clague
Attachment: 2017_TBERF_Manatee_Perico-Robinson_Contract.pdf
Attachment: B-18-009 Tampa Bay Estuary Program Grant.pdf
Attachment: RLS Memo - Clague - 2017-0431.pdf

Property Management

35. Conveyance of a Warranty Deed between Moccasin Wallow, LLC, and Manatee County for Right-of-Way for Morgan's Glen * Clague
Attachment: Warranty Deed Moccasin Wallow, LLC.pdf
Attachment: CAO Email Fort Hamer Extension Right of Way Agreement Morgans Glen.pdf
Attachment: Location Map Moccasin Wallow, LLC.pdf

36. Execution of Contract for Sale and Purchase from Matthew R. Behringer for property located at 11868 Darsey Road, Parrish, Florida; PID 484300109
Attachment: Contract for Sale and Purchase Matthew Behringer.pdf
Attachment: Cost Avoidance Analysis Behringer.pdf
Attachment: Location Map Behringer Parcel.pdf

37. Execution of Contract for Sale and Purchase from Timothy S. Amick for property located at 6602 44th Avenue East. Bradenton, Florida 34203
Attachment: Contract for Sale and Purchase.pdf
Attachment: Cost Avoidance.pdf
Attachment: Location Map.pdf

38. Execution of Contract for Sale and Purchase from Fletcher Lawson Jr. and Mazie A. Lawson for property located at 11741 Erie Road, Parrish, Florida; PID 466100005
Attachment: Contract for Sale and Purchase Fletcher Lawson Jr and Mazie Lawson.pdf
Attachment: Cost Avoidance Analysis Lawson.pdf
Attachment: Location Map Lawson.pdf

39. Execution of Contract for Sale and Purchase from Rye Ranch, LLC, for property located at 17855 County Road 675, Parrish, Florida 34219
Attachment: Contract for Sale and Purchase.pdf
Attachment: Location Map.pdf

40. Warranty Deed from The V. Raymond Hullinger Family Limited Partnership for property located in Myakka City, Florida; PID 155800006 * D'Agostino
Attachment: Warranty Deed.pdf
Attachment: Affidavit of General Partnership O&E.pdf
Attachment: Response Memo to CAO Matter No. 2017-0319.pdf
Attachment: Location Map.pdf


41. Annual U.S. Geological Survey Joint Funding Agreement, FY 2017/2018
Attachment: USGS Letter 080717.pdf
Attachment: USGS Joint Funding Agmt FY17-18.pdf

42. Service Fee Waivers
Attachment: Utility Customers List.pdf

43. Time Payment Agreements
Attachment: Agreement for Time Payment - Parks.pdf

44. Motion to Approve Consent Agenda


45. Reappointment to Sarasota Manatee MPO Citizen Advisory Committee
Attachment: Leep reappointment 10.03.17.pdf
Attachment: Bylaws 07.27.15.pdf

Building and Development Services

46. Code Enforcement Special Magistrate Appointments
Attachment: SM Amber M. Larowe 07.28.17.pdf
Attachment: SM Donald Courtney 07.26.17.pdf
Attachment: SM J. Ben Vitale 08.31.17.pdf
Attachment: SM Jordan I Shifrin 8.15.17.pdf
Attachment: SM Kenneth Piper 08.30.17.pdf
Attachment: SM Lauren Przbyla 8.29.17.pdf
Attachment: SM Lundquist Erika 08.03.17.pdf
Attachment: SM Ojeda Omar Tomas 09.15.17.pdf
Attachment: SM Sinai Stuart 08.11.17.pdf
Attachment: SM Steffen Kristin 08.23.17.pdf
Attachment: Special Magistrate advisory Board Application Matrix.pdf

47. Construction Trades Board Appointments
Attachment: Howard Jensens CTB Application.pdf
Attachment: William Humphreys CTB Application.pdf
Attachment: CTB Members.pdf

Redevelopment and Economic Opportunity (11:00 A.M. TIME CERTAIN)

48. Housing Finance Authority Appointments
Attachment: Letter to Board.pdf
Attachment: Protocol for Appointments.pdf
Attachment: Publication of Notice.pdf
Attachment: Application of J Heagerty.pdf
Attachment: Resolution R-17-115 for Appointment to HFA - JH.pdf

PORT AUTHORITY (Vanessa Baugh, Chairman)
D. ADVERTISED PUBLIC HEARINGS (Presentations Upon Request)
E. ADVERTISED PUBLIC HEARINGS (Presentation Scheduled)
Administrator (10:00 A.M. TIME CERTAIN - ITEM 49 ONLY)

49. Municipal Service Taxing Unit (MSTU) Process for Acquisition of Property * Clague
Attachment: Conceptual Schematic - Myara Parcels.pdf
Attachment: Location Map - Myara.pdf

50. 2018 Legislative Platform
Attachment: 2018 Priorities DRAFT 3.pdf

Neighborhood Services

51. Lease and Agreement with Rubonia Community Association, Incorporated
Attachment: 10.10.17 Rubonia Community Association Lease.doc..pdf
Attachment: 10.10.17Rubonia Community Association Funding Agreement.pdf

Public Works (10:30 A.M. TIME CERTAIN)

52. Tampa Bay Area Regional Transit Authority (TBARTA) Presentation on Legislative Changes to TBARTA and Next Steps in the Development of a Regional Transit Development Plan
Attachment: Final TBARTA Transit Bill Passed.pdf
Attachment: TBARTA Update Presentation_2017 Manatee BOCC.pdf

CITIZEN COMMENTS (Continuation of Consideration for Future Agenda Items, if Needed)

The Board of County Commissioners of Manatee County, Florida, does not discriminate upon the basis of any individual's disability status. This non-discrimination policy involves every aspect of the Board's functions including one's access to, participation in, employment with, or treatment in its programs or activities. Anyone requiring reasonable accommodation for this meeting as provided for in the Americans with Disabilities Act, should contact Kaycee Ellis at 742-5800; TDD ONLY 742-5802, wait 60 seconds; FAX 745-3790.

The Board of County Commissioners of Manatee County and the Manatee County Port Authority may elect not to convene, if no business is scheduled; however, each reserves the right to take action on any matter during its meeting, including items not set forth within this agenda. The Chair of each governing body at his/her option may take business out of order if he/she determines that such a change in the schedule will expedite the business of the governing body.

All public comment on quasi-judicial agenda items is required to be under oath and must occur at a duly noticed public hearing. The Citizens' Comments portion of the agenda is not an advertised public hearing, and no comments on quasi-judicial agenda items are authorized during the Citizens' Comments portion of the agenda.

PUBLIC NOTICE: According to Florida Statutes, Section 286.0105, any person desiring to appeal any decision made by the Board of County Commissioners (or the other entities that are meeting) with respect to any matter considered at said public hearing/meeting will need a record of the proceedings, and for such purposes may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based.