Manatee County Government Administrative Center Commission Chambers, First Floor 9:00 a.m. - September 9, 2014
REVISED September 9, 2014 - Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #11

2015 Retiree Medical and Dental Premiums


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Kim Stroud, Division Manager, EHB x6432

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Approval of the 2015 Retiree Medical Premium Rates for the YourChoice Health Plan and Medicare Supplement Options. 

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Annually, in conjunction with the new budget, the County Commission establishes and/or approves medical plan rates for Retirees of the Board of County Commissioners and participating Constitutional Agencies.  The new rates become effective for Plan Year 2015 beginning on 1/1/15. 

The long-term cost of providing these benefits is being mitigated by gradually changing the retiree health premiums so that the County share of the premium for those eligible retirees is minimized over time and by setting aside funds on an annual basis to offset the future costs.  Because we are required by law to offer retirees access to the same self-funded  health benefit plan at the same premium rate provided to employees, the future cost or liability cannot be eliminated completely. 

Retirees under age 65 have only the option of the County's self-funded plan that they participated in as an employee.  Retirees who are Medicare eligible have the option of the YourChoice Plan,  a Group Medicare Supplement with Prescription Drug coverage, or a new option of enrolling in a number of available individual Medicare supplement/Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug products through a private exchange.   

The new option gives retirees and their dependents the opportunity to elect Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage Plans, along with Prescription Drug Plans at a significantly reduced cost than the YourChoice plan and depending upon their election, a cost savings from the Group Supplement Plan.  The retirees who are eligible for a subsidy from the County will continue to receive that subsidy in the form of a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), when using this option, and will continue to have access to the support from the EHB Retiree Specialist.  This option allows the County to better budget for retiree benefits in that the subsidy is fixed, whereas with the Group Medicare Supplement, the retiree's share is a fixed cost and the County's cost varies depending upon the age, location, and tobacco status of the retiree. 

The Administration recommends a 3% increase in the Retiree share of the retiree only premium for the YourChoice Health Plan and a 3% increase in the retiree's share of the retiree only premium for the Group Medicare supplement plan.  The dependent premium will remain the same for the YourChoice Plan. 

A summary of rates is attached to this agenda item for the plan options available to Retirees for 2015.    Retirees are eligible to maintain enrollment in the same Dental Plan as the active employees and those rates are included as well. 

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